We Make the Move to the Clouds -- How to Live Entirely on Internet Computing



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We are talking about music, pictures, social networking.
Stuff for personal use.
It is a no brainer that corporations should not be storing sensitive data in the cloud.

Class group projects could benefit from cloud computing just for convenience. I would also save a copy of the data on my own harddrive to backups, but save the changes in the cloud for the rest of my class project team to see as well.

i think that cloud computing has its place for data that you would not care if others could see it.



If a person relies solely on cloud computing, then they are asking for big trouble if they lose their internet connection.  Most broadband connections are fairly reliable these days but there is always that "I need to work on my school paper" and BAM! your internet connection is down and you cannot access your documents because they are stored on SOMEONE ELSE'S COMPUTERS!  Thank you, no, but I will take storing on MY hard drive and it be MY responsibilty to backup MY data.


Keith E. Whisman

I think this is a big mistake for companies. With a third party holding a companies information it's going to be easy for companies to secretly sell it's customers data to rivals and hackers to break in and steal information. I don't like it one bit and It's a terrible idea for companies to rely on cloud computing entirely. Perhaps for receptionists at doctors offices and maybe market research companies for it's mass call centers. But to store information on a third parties servers it's a mistake. I can't believe people are so excited about this technology. It's definately not a technology enthusiasts like us here enjoying MaximumPC could possibly get excited about.


I Jedi

Agreed. I will never put private and sensitive information of mine on cloud computing. Too dangerous. I'd have to see some hard core reviews/statistics. etc to prove to me that this technology is safe, reliable, and without worry. 

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