Storage Triage--How to Upgrade and Reuse Your Old Hard Drive



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You could use an old drive to test differnt software/operating system combinations.

You could use an old drive for backups only connect it internally.




I have a concern with WHS storage pool. While it's awesome way to gain storage space with several unmatched HDDs, it also may create problems if one HDD fails. Will some data get corrupt? Will we be able to predict and pinpoint which HDDs will fail.

 I understand that there is ultilites for this but they are not fool proof. Also if we get a warning that HDD 2 is failing. Will there be a utility telling me which data is on HDD 2 so I can move them to HDD 1 or HDD 3 and then replace HDD 2?

 For storage, I cannot go without Raid 1 or Raid 5 solution. Not many people realize that while the write performance with Raid 1 is normal the read performace is increased because of reading from two HDDs at once.



Under capacity cutoffs you said See "Safe Drive Recycling and Disposal" for details. Was that supposed to link to something? Cause if it was, the link doesn't show for me. Not a big deal to google it, but I was wondering what MPC specifically recommends for recycling old HDDs.



I always use my drives until they spin no more, and or use them for archival storage.


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You could also make a server using unRAID if you have a couple HDDs. 

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