Steam: Savior or Slayer of PC Gaming?



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securerom was almost as bad.

The gamestop here has zero pc games. Best Buy has one 4ft shelf for pc games... 4-5 row of console games.  walmart has about a dozen games.  target has a few more a couple of dozen.  That is all i have within 6 hours of me.  

I have a 5/50Mb connection... so i am a little biased.  But i download the games and back those up.  When i reinstall i copy them back and just apply the updates.  Steam will be rolling out delta patching in a month or two.  that will help in the bandwidth department.



I've been a longtime supporter of Steam. I have all my games on there, and only buy my PC games from Steam. I haven't bought a hard copy of a PC game in years. I just love it! When Battlefield 3 comes out though, I may have no other choice but to buy a hard copy. :(



I enjoyed reading this article here at my work desk. I used to not like Steam, but when i got the Orange Box, the numerous features and the UI were very user-friendly and customizable, so i stuck with it. Game stores do not have many computer games any more, so if i want a title i have to order online, through steam or newegg, because i won't drive myself to a best buy or a target.

Consoles have LIVE and PSN networks for their content - it's nice to see some entity stepping up and supporting computer gaming, even if publishers of games are not. I don't have friends to game with, and steam to me seems non-invasive to my gaming. with the large selection of games at affordable(?) prices, i really do not have to leave my house anymore for any reason ('cept work).

if steam happens to go into obscurity and dissolve in some freak accident, i will miss the hundreds of dollars spent for my digital games, since i do not carry physical copies much anymore. but knowing it was a fun ride, i would do it all again upon its resurrection. I think steam will last for a long time into the future - consoles do not make their own games, those games are created using computers (or MACs), so as long as computers are around, steam i hope will cintinue to keep up with its millions of users.



I use steam All the time, Infact I own 22 games on steam. DRM Has Never been a problem for me. I only Have 2 computers to play my steam games on. (desktop pc and my macbook) Steam has saved the pc gamer Indrustry. Period. I find it hard to find games on disks anymore. the one problem I could think of for steam is the data caps people have in the city. I have no data cap (so far :) and I can download without wating a month for my cap to be reset.



How are two digital game distributing programs NOT competitors? True, there are more features to Steam than just game and DLC distribution, but Origin does that too; therefore, they compete. And Steam competes with all the other distributers too. This is like saying Win7 and OS X don't compete because OS X now has an App Store. As long as two programs have the same exact functionality, they compete for people's attention/use. But this is FINE. Competition is good for customers



I'll rephrase by saying, as long as two programs have a feature in common, they compete; they don't have to have every feature the other program(s) have, just one.



I think he meant they aren't true competitors. It's like saying IBM is a competitor to Bic, because they both sell pens with their logos on them.



Yeah...your comparison makes no sense...IBM buys pens from Bic and puts their name on them...not even close.




Excellent article. Well-written (expect that "less" titles should be "fewer" titles), enlightening, and relevant. Thanks!

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