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You make is sound as if there is no possibility of altering, personalizing or tweaking Win8. You are wrong.

In fact, I've tweaked my system so that, when I start my computer, I don't even see the Modern UI. It boots directly to the old, normal Windows interface...complete with desktop icons, taskbar, etc. I just don't have that dumbass start button y'all crave so much. The Modern UI is still available, however, with a single press of the Windows key.

And, you know what? I didn't have to pay someone for a fancy program to do it. (a fancy program, I might add, that adds another layer between you and your OS...another startup process to slow things down.)

All it took was that quality a lot of people lack...the desire to fiddle with a program or a machine to make it do what I want it to do.



I cold not agree more with this sentiment. Also, note that MS did bring back the "Clean Screen" in 7. They can learn, but you have to hit them with a brick!




Nice review, I guess, for those wedded to that old Start Button. For one like me, who has moved on and embraced the power of Win8, it was akin to seeing a comparison between a Gladius and a Sica. While interesting, each sword is hardly necessary in today's world.



"....embraced the power of Win 8."


I think I hear your DM calling you back to the table, sword master.



You people need to stop whining!!! You whine more than my kids!!! You know if you really did you readers a service instead of just complaining you would help them learn this new operation system! You know like tips and tricks. Please try to be useful at least once in a while.



Hey, Steve, hit those pits with a little antiperspirant once in a while, would ya?

And you should put the whining counterpoint in the next annual report.



They have, troll. Go to their Windows section. BTW, troll, just because YOU like the Modern UI and are unproductive, doesn't mean everyone else is. I'd say the usage stats side with me. Go away.



I'll add one more thing: I want Aero or something even better. There is no good reason to dumb-down a computer operating system to look like a low-powered smart phone.

Apple hasn't decided to make its OS look like shit. Why has Microsoft taken to feces with such enthusiasm? Is it Ballmer's megalomania? His coke habit? What?



I decided to give Windows 8 the old college try and installed it as my main OS on my laptop with the determination to use it for a month. After 3 weeks I was fully willing to capitulate and uninstall it when it all just clicked for me. Now I love it and I don't even miss the start button.

I'm still not a huge fan of the Windows 8 apps; there really is no point to use them with a full system. I also don't like how the search feature makes me click on Apps, Settings, or Files to find what I'm looking for, where Windows 7 would show results from each category. But, for the most part, I think Windows 8 is great. I believe those who feel they can't live without the start menu haven't given the new, formerly-known-as-Metro start window a chance.



Yes, we have.



you should keep the comparison going, winner of this round goes up against the next program
I use pokki, lots of customization and easy to use
I'd be interested in see what you have to say about start8 vs. pokki



I'm hoping to hold out long enough for Win9 (and gambling that the start button comes back and Metro misses the bus), but if I am forced into win8 - like many may be - these proggies are great and may even get me to try this Win8 nonsense.

Win7 is great...I'll hold out as long as possible!



Start8 is a no-brainer if you're willing to pay. That said, I still wish Classic Shell would let me customize the orb. It totally disrupts the look of my desktop!



you can. I have a windows flag for my button..

right click the start button--settings--start button--button look--custom button, then button image

i think i got the new image from classic shells web site

quick is a skinning tutorial

super edit..there is a skin link about half way down

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