Spotify vs. Xbox Music



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I cannot stand Spotify's interface. It's an ugly list of songs with no way to categorise them automatically. At least with Xbox Music you can actually see the albums. With pictures!



I'll be sticking with my ZunePass until tehy tear it from my cold dead hands. I love my 10 songs per month, add-free streaming and my Zune HDs.



What about Rhapsody? I think they are a hidden gem no one ever talks about. I started with Napster's service and then stayed with Rhapsody when they bought them out a couple years ago. I've tried Spotify several times now and can't stand the playlist style they have.



The part about Xbox Music being limited after six months is only true for the free version. You're never limited with a subscription.



"Love or hate Windows 8, you have to give Microsoft credit for its tenacity. Most companies would’ve tucked their tail between their legs and run home crying after the disaster that was Zune, but Microsoft doubled down to bring a better-than-before effort rebranded as Xbox Music to its Live Tile-equipped ecosystem."
You obviously do not actually use the Xbox Music app daily if you think it is better than Zune.
I will never understand why Microsoft ditched the fabulous application that Zune had become.



Might want to update this article. An official Pandora app was released for the Windows 8 platform (Including Windows Phone) and gives users of the app a free year of listening, courtesy of Microsoft



Ah, thanks for the update!




In fact, Pandora's new app is for Windows Phone 8 only, at least for now. It's probably a safe bet that a Windows 8 version is not far behind, but it hasn't been officially announced yet:,0,5838480.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+latimes%2Ftechnology+%28L.A.+Times+-+Technology+News%29

If I'm mistaken, I'd love to see a link to a Windows 8 app. I've been using a couple of Pandora clones (PRadio and Graffiti Radio) and, while they work fine, I'd prefer the real thing.



I was actually discussing this with a coworker today, and we came to a revelation: Why use a desktop application for Windows 8 when you can just go to the website? I would personally like to see a Windows 8 app as well, mainly for an easy-to-use interface without having to take up iexplore.exe processes (Not to mention background memory), but it would also seem redundant to me when I can just as easily pin a start screen shortcut to the site

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