Solid State Shakeup: Intel 520 vs Patriot Pyro SE vs OCZ Octane



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h e x e n

Too bad indilinx, too bad.

Was hoping OCZ would maintain the crown. Always liked their memory, even though no one else seemed to.

Still rocking my Vert 3 120gb. Though, I have to admit it is pretty annoying having to juggle around data between that and my 500gb mechanical.

Still, speed is speed. Wouldn't trade it for anything. Doubt I'll ever go back to a mechanical for a boot drive.



Performance SSD's are still too pricey.

The sweet spot are the 240GB drives and of course you need two to stripe in RAID 0 (if your building a performance rig, why would you do anything else??)

Making for a $900 price tag.
I can get 300GB WD Raptors for 1/2 that cost, even less before the Thailand flooding event.

Granted SSD's are faster than even the Raptors but I just don't think they can justify the cost to performance increase.

Looks like the SSD waiting game continues....



Hold up, in one sentence you're saying that the only SSD config that makes sense is 2x240GB at $900. But then you suggest that the logical alternative is two WD Velociraptors? To me it makes much better sense to get a budget SSD, as they'll still have far faster read/writes and access times than any mechanical drive.



Usually cheaper SSDs have lower ratings on their reviews, is there a budget SSD you recommend?



No test in which garbage clean up is tested? I wanted to know if Intel got sandforce to add their garbage collection algorithm to the controller which would actually make it a lot better drive to get, since standard Sandforce drives do not have active garbage collection like previous Intel's do. And no I don't mean trim.



Your description of the Wildfire's NAND is a bit misleading. It is a toggle mode drive like the Vertex 3 MaxIOPS . Its toggle mode chips ARE asynchronous, but are not related to the MUCH slower asynchronous ONFi 1.0 NAND that's most commonly associated with the term "asynchronous NAND".



Thanks; you're right. The review's been updated.



I've been eye balling the Pyro SE for a few months now. I thought it was partially related to my love of the Pyro character in TF2 or the orange sticker. 9 and a Kickass award secures the deal. Probably pick up a 120gb model on the weekend so long as my whiskey, wine and women night doesn't get too out of hand at the friendly neighborhood massage parlor.



Eyeballing. Heh. I see (HA!) what you did there.

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