9 Amazing Software Mashups - Killer Free Apps that Work Better Together



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Jack Pathwhaes

So you don't want ALL your downloads in the same folder? Waaaa.

So how about if you don't want ALL your pictures in one big huge folder, or ALL your music in one folder or all your movies in just ONE HUGE UNSORTED MESSY folder? Cuz that's what you'll get with this.

How about just taking the time to sort and file after you download? Gee - that was SURE hard to think up, eh?



Good list! It is worth trying some of the things you've done here. I didn't know much about them and i 'm surprise but it really seems easier than i expected. I like o find out new things about software and learn how different programs work. The last post I read was about common file Extensions and it was helpful as well. It's nice to see how they all link together.



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Cool combos, reminds me of Kirby :P  I never knew that Hamachi was for VPN, I just thought people used it for pirated game servers and such. I'm gonna try the gmail one. And I might try the HotKey one too. Although I already have AutoHotkey, and am not really a fan of mouse gestures.

Edit: tried CookiePie. screwed stuff up.



Nice work, but what about Portable Firefox and Tor?  You gave both of them very warm reviews, and I use them together to securely get pass content restrictions.  Where I'm from, they don't even let me check my email, so I use these two apps together to get what I need off my email.  They've never let me down.



Hard and symbolic links are functions of NTFS, not Vista or Win 7. They work perfectly fine in XP. You can use the free program Winbolic Link to make them (since XP doesn't have mklink).



Very nice list, I didn't know about many of these and I might try some of them.

However, I'm confused about the mashup with Hamachi. You did not mention at all the main service / application of the creators of Hamachi: LOGMEIN, as their domain implies. Logmein is a free service to do just that; access your PC remotely, and even better: from ANY computer. You simply install the logmein progam on the clients, and you use the logmein website to access it. Very simple, very easy to use. The paid servies adds a few things for ease of use such as file transfer and even getting sound.

So why use Hamachi and UltraVNC? unless you wanted more control over the secure connection, but again, I think you should have mentioned it and tell us your arguemtn, why go through the hassle of setting up Hamachi and UltraVNC instead of simply using logmein.

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Awesome set of free utilities, a couple others that I find very useful and should make the cutoff
Crossloop – remote pc control
Argali - phone number lookup



You can already sync firefox profiles without using Mklink.  Just create a new profile and browse to the dropbox directory.



I gave up on Hamachi quite a while ago. I always get a relayed (slow) connection no matter what I try. Different computers, different locations, ISPs, didn't matter. I never did figure that one out.

I currently use RealVNC + port forwarding on my router + encryption for my VNC stuff. Not as secure as a VPN I know but the connection is rock solid and speedy.



Did you try setting Hamachi to use a specific port for tunneling?

Pref > Status > Detailed Config button. Then set ports under the Connecting thru NAT, then make sure the firewall is forwarding those ports to the box running hamachi.

I had one site that needed to have ports entered, and forwared from the router. Home, Office, and Job site 1 all see each other just fine, but Job site 2 needed to have specific ports set. The idea of sending VNC traffic in plain text is way to scary.




One thing about uTorrent i want to share is that it will look in a specifird folder for any torrent files and it will automatically add them into utorrent with the default settings, then delete the torrent file. Also, it can download stuff to a "Pending" folder then when they're done it'll copy them to a "Completed" folder. What a fantastic program.       -Denis



They already mentioned both those Denis, but I agree they are quite useful features



I have been using Hamachi and UltraVNC
to remote into and troubleshoot my relatives computers from the
comfort of my home for years. Hamachi and FreeProxy is another
great combination to securely browse the web wherever you go.

Creating a Hamachi network with
FreeProxy on a home computer turns it into a secure proxy server.
Log into the Hamachi network from a laptop when you are not at home and
change the proxy settings of your web browser. Enter the Hamachi IP
address of the computer running Freeproxy and use port 8080. Now
your web traffic will be running through the secure Hamachi network.
It's great when using open wifi at a hotel or coffee shop. It may
slow you down a bit, but it's better than having some latte sipper
snooping in on your IMs.



Nice little mix here...  I must say, things like this are the reason that I'm a MAXPC magazine and online reader...  Keep up the good work...



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