Smaller, Better Faster: Intel to Hit with 32nm CPUs This Year



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Why on earth is Intel doing this garbage with the multiple socket thing? I like what they have now with LGA 775, just ONE socket! It makes life simpler, and gives headroom for upgrading. Like with my board, it's an older 965 chipset. I have a Pentium D right now, but I have the capability to jump up to a Core 2 Quad with a BIOS revision.

So now we have LGA1366, which has the faster QPI interface, but then LGA1156 is supposed to use a south bridge? Also Lynfield won't allow two x16 PCI 2.0? What's up with that?

This makes for a tough time to jump in and invest. I'm afraid I will pick the wrong socket. Guess I will wait a good while longer for the dust to settle.


Oh and BTW, I have NO problems with the spreadsheets. Don't know what everyone is complaining about. They load right up, I actually like them.



Gulftown - 2019, oh.. it's gona take a while..

Anyhow, sheets don't work that well..


Wild Alaskan

Lol, i keep trying to figure out where the north bridge cooler is then go, oh yeah its i7. What will the motherboard manufacturers do without heatpipes going all over the place?

 btw i like the spreadsheets



1. That stupid spread sheet took way too long to load for some simple text......LAME! Sorry MaxPC...

2. What is that slot next to the 4 RAM slots. It looks like a mini-RAM slot on the motherboard picture???


Keith E. Whisman

That does look like an SODiMM slot (laptop memory=Small Outline Dual In Line Memory Module) But why bother? Perhaps it's an engineering motherboard in testing and that is some sort of testing and programming interface that will disappear on shipping motherboards.



Please (gasp!) please (gasp!).


No... more... integrated spreadsheets (pant).




According to the spead sheet:

 Gulftown ... 1Q/2019

so in about 10 years???



I think it's supposed to be 2010.


Keith E. Whisman

So Clarkdale is going to be Core I7.5 or something like that. Core I7 II just doesn't look right,. Same thing with Core I7 V2.o



Looking at the sockets, Clarkdale looks related to Lynnfield (core i5?) rather than the current Bloomfield i7. It looks like Gulftown is the new version of the i7 line and I would imagine they would just keep calling it core i7.


Keith E. Whisman

Yeah I just scanned looking for a Code Name and that one jumped out at me. What I'm getting at is what will the next generation of CPU's with Integrated Memory Controllers from Intel be called that is after Core I7 of course? That's what I was thinking like Core I71 LOL.. 

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