Small Packages, Big Promises -- Netbook Review Roundup



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The Lenova S10 looks really nice now that they have dropped the price to be nearly on par with Acer. But I dont think that MPC reviewed it. PCW gave it a good rating though.



This was posted in January 09, but before I remember it being in a Maximum PC magazine, so they might not have had a chance to review it. It would be really nice though, and I've heard a lot of good things about it. (The only reason why I wouldn't get it is incompatibillity with some Linux distros..)



 Why did you not put the Samsung NC10 into this review? This roundup was posted 01/06/2009. The Samsung NC10 was released back around October, this gives you plenty of time to have thoroughly tested and compared it to these other netbooks.

For anyone who reads this article, please know that the Samsung NC10 beats all three of these netbooks hands down. It takes the perks of every single one of these netbooks listed here and combines them to make an outstanding portable computer. I personally own the pearl white version of this netbook, and I can vouch that is can reach 7.5 hours of battery life when websurfing or word processing at half brightness (which is more than enough for most lighting). It gets 6 to 6.25 hours battery life when watching AVI movies on half brightness, and about 4.5 hours on completly maxed out battery mode for best performance. This by far beats anything these netbooks can boast. IF you are looking for a portable laptop to do daily tasks, look no further than the Samsung NC10. 500gb HDs are compatible with it too!

Here are some links to reviews on this netbook. Shame on your Maximum PC for always being behind the technology curve in your reviews!


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