The Skyrim Trailer Analyzed, Shot-By-Shot



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I would love to see some online co-op. That would be cool.



Since I have set up 3 monitor surround it is hard to play gams that do not support it, the difference is amazing. This preview looks great. I just hope it supports surround and also that the story is a good as the graphics seem to be.



@Aethalin,  the skill tree has been simplified, but that is made up for in spades with Perks.

For instance, instead of a "blunt weapons" skill, an "axe" skill, a short-sword skill, a long-sword skill, etc, there is now a "One-handed weapons" skill and a "Two-handed weapons" skill.  Within those there are several multi-leveled skil perks for things like swords, axes, maces, etc.


All told, while there may be 15 or so fewer skills, there's 280 (IIRC) additional Perks.  And like I said, these perks are all multi-leveled.



BTW, that spell that was shot at an empty passageway may have been a light spell used on a distant rock wall to illuminate the corridor, as was possible in Morrowind. :)

Dan O. 



Excuse me while I go find a towel.



Bethesda, you had me at "hello."



I love Bethesda's open world games.  I loved a modded Oblivion (I even like the "vanilla" game), The Shivering Ilses was a step in making a good game better and a taste of what sort of improvements they could do.  Fallout 3 was an even bigger step in the right direction.  Skills, leveling, storylines and level scaling was all improved.  I'm sure ES V is going to be spectacular.  Bethesda seems to build on each successive game in sophistication (well, Obsidian's meddling with Fallout NV not withstanding) so I'm sure this is going to be amazing and give Blizzard and Diablo III a run for its money.



Well I for one just came.



i was starting to think i was the only one that had a wet dream about this trailer. 



I guess that I was not as impressed with the trailer.  I have not really cared for many of Bethesda's games, since the beauty that was Daggerfall, but I must say that I did enjoy Morrowind a bit.  The writing was rather good, and I felt that the lore was nice.  I hope that they fix the dialogue and writing issues as in Obllivion, which I felt was quite horrendous.  I was not expecting Planscape Torment level of writing, but I was hoping more than a badly written B Movie.  I also hope that they actually keep to the lore of the world.  They drifted too far from it in Oblivion.  They even lost quite a few good writers between when Morrowind and Oblivion were released.


I also do not like the removal of even more skills.  I don't want streamlined.  I want an in-depth and robust world and skillset.  I have not cared for many of the changes that I have heard about thus far.  I would love for them to bring back the depth and complexity of Daggerfall, but I know that I am no longer the target market.  I guess that I will need to wait until it is released.  If anything, I hope that the mod community can enhance the world and gameplay as they generally do.




During the first part, where the char is running, you hear huffing. maybe there is now a sprint button? not just walk and jog/run.



yep this game will be amazing, i have foreseen it in my dreams.

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