Six Essential Steps to Diagnosing and Curing a Slow Startup



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Very helpful, thank you.



I strongly recommend using TuneUp Utilities 2009 to help optimize your PC. You can download it here at  It features an eye pleasing scheme and dramatically optimizes your PC with a registry cleaner, startup manager, disk optimizer, temp. file cleaner, and more. The trial will get the job done but $50 for a license (3PC's) is well worth the money.



i just realized MPC never provides any linux walk throughs. :-(


auwingr1 need to re-read the article. It points out that you don't want to disable any of the MS services.



Right, you don't want to disable any Microsoft services.

The guide is informing you to NOT disable any Microsoft related services. Doing so could be dangerous. Hiding all of the Microsoft services will make them temporarily disappear so you don't disable them.

If you don't believe me, try that step. Unhide the Microsoft services after you uncheck the non-Microsoft ones and you will notice that none of the Microsoft ones are unchecked. 



Not to steal any of MaxPC's thunder, but I've found that has great insight into this issue (and hundreds of others) with their Tweaking Companion.  Check it out; it's helped me a lot.

Also, they have guides for most major games / apps, which are really helpful.



Don't just start shutting down services!  Know what they do or at least Google them.  This should have been more specific.  There are sites out there (such as blackviper) that look into services.  It would be nice to see maximum pc do a write up on services within a monthly issue.  I don't think we need to see any more "budget" $1500 computers.  Break down the services and explain what they really do.



None of the services that are being shut down this way are required to run at startup. All of them are somewhat optional.

Obviously you don't want your security software disabled at startup.

Every computer has different services on it so it is rather difficult to break them all down and state what they do. 



I do not recommend using msconfig to configure services. For that just launch services.msc



Managing services through the Service mode is risky. A lot of the services listed there are Microsoft related services or required to run at startup.

It's much safer to just disable the optional services and then reenable the ones that you want to start at boot. 



I use that to clean the registry.

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