The Secret Histories of Those @#$%ing Computer Symbols



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where does the sprocket come from?  the one so many programs use for settings.




I like how the update gets it backwards.  NeXTstep obviously is NOT the decendant of Mac OSX.



I'm confused about why this article is here without even a lead-in to explain why it is appearing on AND Gizmodo at the same time. I don't really mind the article, but can we please get some sort of intro to the article to explain who Mr. Gardiner is and why he is writing on


It seems that is becoming lost in a sea of other blogs while the magazine is being lost behind things like MaximumTech. Let's get back to doing MaximumPC (and really, really well. Please.



We just have an arragement with Gizmodo to share content - they post our stories as well. We try to only use stories that our readers find interesting, and we hear what you're saying - we want to bring you the best that we can.



Anno Domini doesn't actually mean after the death of Christ, it means "in the year of our Lord [insert year here]". The years that begin with the ending AD are the years following the at one time accepted year that Christ was born, (not killed) since Christian theology states that Christ didn't really die. However, most modern theologians and historians agree that Christ wasn't born 0 AD but probably around 4 or 3 BC.



In Pakistan some people still read email addresses as user "at the rate of" (!

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