Router Roundup: We Review 7 Top-Tier Routers



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Does anyone have a suggestion for a wireless N router that can handle a Maximum PC type torrent load?  I have tried out 15-20 routers, but the biggest issue is not the speed throughput, but the fact that after the maximum connection are reached the wi-fi crashes.  I would be intersted in any suggestion for different levels from basic to extreme that would work for me.  I have even heard of some people using an old PC as a router, which might be in an interesting suggestion if anyone has some ideas with that, I would be game, too.



I am electronically deficient, so please keep it simple.  My problem:  My computer is located downstairs and my TV is upstairs.  I purchased a ROKU router but apparently the distance is too great for my NetFlix movies to be "transferred" from my computer to my TV.  Is there a router on the market that will solve my problem of distance and walls?  If so, price would also be a factor.  Thanks.



Your review is a giant joke, you don't review routers by running a benchmark.

You review routers by running them at least 1 week.


As is the case with the Netgear WNDR3700 router, what value do you have at a router which is extremely fast but goes belly up about every single day ? Indeed, nothing.

And it is indeed the fact of the wildly virussing lame "review" sites like these that companies create hardware that scores extremely well in benchmarks, but has to be rebooted every single day, and dies after a couple of months.


Shame !



I need to upgrade my router, I'll probably be getting the netgear now. Im upgrading from a Linsys WRt54G and this router has been a pain to work with my xbox 360, so i'm just wondering if the Netgear is known to have many problems with this.(wow that's a lot of commas)



I am looking to move into an n router that allows me to connect my printer to the router/ network.   Belkin N600 HD looked good, but was absolutely destroyed by user reviews on BestBuy-  says router loses connection, has to continually be reset, and this renders it useless by hassle.    But I also want a router that is DLNA compliant, as I'll likely move into connecting a new TV to my network.  Netgear WNDR 3700 doesn't allow connecting a printer.  I looked on Netgear website-  looks like new specs for V2 are on there, but still can't connect a printer.  USB is for NAS only.    Asus??    Any thoughts?

Great review Michael.  This is my new go-to website.



how would he know that?



I posted this on the earlier review but I intended to post it here. Sorry about the mistake.

I don't know if it is due to an upgrade in the firm ware, but I just bought one of these a couple of weeks ago and I have 2 NTFS drives connected through a USB hub attached to the USB port on this router and I don't have any problems reading and writing to them.




No prices   =   no help!!!!!!!!!!



In case you're wondering when Netgear plans to ship the WNDR3700 V2: When I was writing this article for the print edition of Maximum PC, I was told it would ship in mid to late September. Now Netgear is telling me "within the next few months," but they won't be more specific than that.




Looking in stores and on the Netgear site, they have the WNDR3700 and the WNDR37AV.  Reading the box closely they are both a  N600 router, have essentially all of the same specs, and the routers themselves look exactly the same.

Is the 37AV the V2?  Is there different firmware?  I've looked around the web and on netgear site.  Netgear has different pages for each, but still, they sound the same. 


Also, retail they are side by side for the same price each ($159 Fry's)





I just noticed that if you navigate to the WNDR3700 on Netgear's website and look at the specs, it now shows the flash as 16MB instead of 8.  I tried ordering the router from Netgear's website, but it said that they were "out of stock," so I decided to let it backorder.  Does this mean that the new routers that will be shipping are V2?




thanks for a very helpful article. do you know when the V2 comes out if it will clearly be marked as the WNDR3700 V2 or will they keep the model name WNDR3700 and start shipping the new models?




With respect to: "We suspect the primary reason the WNDR3700’s press-time street price was so low is because Netgear was clearing inventory to make way for the WNDR3700 V2."

Does anyone have any information as to when the V2 release may occur? I would be really annoyed to buy the V1 and have the V2 come out soon after ...



Very weak on actual information. Agree with Pokey, there should be IPv6 info in specs along with any available info on firmware updates that will give the routers IPv6 compatiblity.



Since Windows 7 uses IPv6 for HomeGroups, could we get a list/box that says whether the routers (these or any others reviewed) support native IPv6?  I ask since my current router, D-Link DGL-4300, doesn't support routing IPv6 (unless it is encapsulated in IPv4 packets), and thus I can't group my two, working on three, Windows 7 computers together.



So basically, the only two good top-tier routers (that I am aware of) to come out since wireless N came about are the WNDR3700 and the WRT600N.



Yeah, it's really kind of sad that one of the best Wireless N/gigabit routers out there hasn't been made in over two years and still sells like hotcakes any time one shows up on Ebay?



This may sound ridiculous, but are there differences in speed when connected via ethernet?  Or are wired speeds always the same?



Most routers now have a 4-port 1 Gb switch included, some have more ports.



Before anyone goes out and buys a new router first try flashing either DD-WRT or Open-WRT they offer way more features and improved range. Also never buy a router that isn't dd-wrt compatible because it will seriously limit it's usefullness in the future.



But since DLink managed to break just about every one of them with faulty firmware updates, and refused forever to admit to the problem (I'm not even sure they do now), I won't recommend them any more.


I never thought I would utter the word Netgear in this house ever again, but I've had a WNDR-3700 V1 in use since the week they came out.  I bought one as a sanity rescue from my bricked DGL-4500.


It's been flawless.



I'm looking at upgrading my router. It's a DIR-615, and it's really not that great.


I don't want to spend too much, so what's everyone's opinion?



Will a "G" work for you, or looking at a "N" router?    I'm still smurfing away via my Buffalo AirStaton WHR G125, but am looking for a reliable N router and have been researching/waiting for awhile now.     I'm leaning towards either a Trendnet, Netgear or another Buffalo router.     I never thought much about TN's until reading MxPC's reviews.  (and ad's)   And was ready to buy the 691/3?, until the ratings a few months ago.  Before I bought the Buff, I purchased a Dlink & a Netgear from BB.  *late 2008-early 2009* 

But I took them both back almost immediately.   (dlink just felt cheap, and the netgear wasn't that much better imho)    So I'm reluctant to spend another $100+ on either one, even though these tests should reassure me.     (linksys/cisco biased for some odd reason)   ;)

Maybe I'll wait for V2, or just go with one of the ones listed here @ Newegg's "Best Rated" list.  Good luck!



Newegg Best Rated Routers



I have a DIR-615 and it works fine. What don't you like about it? Granted it's certainly not top of the line, but it cost me all of $30 and it works.



I've got the Netgear 3700 and it really rocks even with stock firmware.  For cheap I think I'd go with the Asus rt-n12.  It's so cheap that even if it died early it wouldn't be a big deal.  I've never had very good luck with the Trendnets, but I've never bought one of their more expensive ones. 



Wow. The Netgear looks pretty amazing. I took a look at the Asus too, and it looks amazing for it's price. My only gripe is that it isn't dual-band. The Netgear is $140 on Amazon, it seems.


Decisions decisions...



If you mean the Netgeat 3700 it IS dual band, I own it.  On top of that it's simutaneous dual band with gueat accounts on both bands.  Awesome router...

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