Redefining Mobile: A Moving Wi-Fi Network Made of Cars



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With all this in the pipe, will anyone be able to do DIY repairs anymore?  Or will we be at the mercy of the dealers?  I'm a geek, but I certainly do not want any of my "freedoms" impinged upon.  Especially not by technology!



Oh, wait, I wanna play!

Your car will have GPS for your position and maps which would have things like street direction (one-way/two-way, spped limit, etc) and it can read your speedometer. So, then the car itself could give you tickets for speeding, illegal U-turn.

And we could tie it into electronic parking meters then the car could auto-pay the meter up to the maximum then write you a parking ticket.

No cops necessary. I think we could put the ticket printer right in the glovebox since that's where tickets go anyway.

Or better yet, the car could just access your bank account and pay the fines for you. You never even have to be involved. Until the data which was fed directly to your auto insurance comany cancels your policy. And all of this hits the police system which triggers an arrest warrant which catches you completely by surprise.

One thing leads to another until at best, you are shaving a yak, or at worst you have triggered the Zombie Apocalypse.

On second thought, nevermind.



"Your update has been installed. Please pull onto the berm so that your car can reboot". "Your braking system has stopped responding. Force Close or Wait?" "Your car is unable to open the critical emergency file it just received (50 car pile-up 1/4 mile ahead in the fog). Do you want your car to search the web for a solution?" Somehow I don't see these "real time" computerized dreams as being a good thing when moving along an 8 lane highway at 70+ MPH.It would be a gamble much like removing human intervention from military mechanized weaponry.



I was recently in a friend's Ford Focus rental car which featured sync. Having never experienced it, we tried it out and found it to be completely unusable. The options you wanted were never the ones given. We were completely unimpressed. I think car makers need to stay away from technology until it's truly ready for prime time. Once it works 100% of the time I think it would be fine however I think we would have to be careful of the governmental revenue stream connection others have mentioned.



There's also the question of privacy issues.  Having access to data from this kind of stuff would be a dream come true for insurance companies or various government organizations. So in addition to the risk of being hacked, there's the potential risk to one's civil liberties.  Holy 1984 Batman!



Say hello to "murder by car hack".



Just wait till someone hacks the network, and tells your car to slam on the brakes while you are doing 80MPH.  I am sure there are going to be fail safes, but I can already see the troubles.



all I want is a "smart" car (one I can still drive, but has these convenience items).

The only way I could see automatic self-driving cars becoming reality would be to have various sensors, radio waves maybe, and maybe the only thing it would require from the internet is possibly a map like a television, no data involved, just possibly images and landmarks to aid in control... I'd prefer for any "Updates" to be handled via USB. Pretty much just a computer car that processes how to drive itself, not have "The Cloud" handle it, I don't like "The Cloud"



They already have cars that can park themselves, all newer cars, have electronic fuel pedals now, and have a network already built in (CAN) so all the different modules can communicate with each other.  Adding this to the puzzle it would only be a matter of time before someone figured out a way to introduce a virus, malware, or something like that, that would cause the system to do something when certain parameters are met.

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