Recapping a Year of Open-Source, the Top Stories in 2008!



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Go beat your open source drums elsewhere luser. Keep your choices of thousands of crappy half assed not fully working programs. I'll pay some money for something that works.  And saying that the writer should be shot? That's rich. Obviously an anti-Microsoft linux fanboi.



 Should probably give The Murph a break dude, he doesn't even work for MPC anymore but he still posts new stories. I think that is pretty generous of him. I PERSONALLY like this list. Keep it up Murphy!






Who ever wrote this article must have been high.

ReiserFS is a file system (thus the FS at the end), not an operating system. LittleBigPlanet = open source??????? You should be shot.

Where's KDE 4 and 3? Solaris and Python 3000, maybe?



Duh. I was thinking operating system re: Linux, but obviously RiserFS a file system.  Poor proofreading on my part... I'll correct the article thusly!

And I'm fully aware that LittleBigPlanet isn't open-source software.  The point is that it embodies the spirit of open-source and did so more successfully than any other title this year.

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