Razer StarCraft II Peripherals



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Razer has always been pushing out overpriced hardware in my opinion. There only good products are their headsets and gaming mats, otherwise I wouldn't touch anything they sell for the prices they sell at.



"Any decent StarCraft player can tell you the difference between a Diamond League pro and Bronze League scrub: It’s all in the macro."




Just an FYI. None of the pro gamers would actually use this kind of "pro gear". All of them use simple mechanical keyboards, solid mice and plain high quality headsets.

Tip for all of you wannabe pros (from a master level player) - if it has any LEDs, pro, gamer, titanium, fatal1ty or any other similar name associated with it - most likely its worse than what you got now.

Can't wait for my steelseries 6gv2 to come, built like a tank, and thats how I love my gear.

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