Radeon HD 5830 Performance Preview



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Why does the XFX card appear to be around 3" shorter than the others?



I don't see why they're wasting their time with doing a bunch of cards for the 5 series. 5570, 5670, 5750, 5770, 5830, 5850, 5870 and 5890. The differential between the 5830 is so miniscule that I can't justify the 50 dollars less when I can get a 5850 and do a better justice for myself. Or get the 5770 for budget and still get some decent performance.



I am thinking this is a price grab. Until nVidia's Fermi comes out, Ati rules the roost and is setting the price the way they want. (For a change)

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I agree with this article. I'm an ATi fan, but given the pricing, it would be silly to get a 5830 when it's so close in price to a 5850. put it at 200-220 bucks, and then we can talk.



I have to agree with you there. I was looking at this and the 5770 recently and as far as bang for your buck goes, if you can't afford the 5850, the 5770 trumps the 5830 in spades.

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I really want to see what nvidia has up their sleeve and what it does to the market when the 5850 was released it was a $250 card. And if you want a really nice card get the 5850 toxic edition from sapphire it outperforms reference 5870's and is $70 cheaper.



Where's the Crysis Benchmark???!?



Sorry about the omission -- the Crysis results should be folded into the article later today, but here they are if you're interested:

Crysis, AA Off:

Radeon HD 5770: 20

Radeon HD 5830:  25

Radeon HD 5850: 29

Crysis, AA On:

Radeon HD 5770: 17

Radeon HD 5830: 21

Radeon HD 5859: 25

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Loyd I saw you are writing for MaximumPC. You are probably the best writer/reviewer out there. Your reviews are interesting, informative, and easy to read. You might not be as cute as Veronica Belmont but she won't be able to talk me into buying a particular video card.

I bought a year subscription to the magazine. I hope to see more articles written by you in the future.

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Look at the crysis scores. This tightens the gap. I'm not going to apply any logic based on current pricing and performance. The pricing numbers for the most part are artificial. Especially since all of the R&D on this chipset is bought and paid for. I am the average consumer of this type of card. I have been in this performance vs. price catagory for 10 years. I would expext this card to come in at $200. Much more than that then your going to compete with a 5770 crossfire setup, not the 5850. Beyond that at $200 you would have a convincing argument for a 5830 crossfire setup.

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