Point and Click: 8 Photo Hosting Websites Compared



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If you have an hotmail account you have free pic storage via Skydrive and no exceeded limit crap like photobucket or crappy ads either



I think this would have been better served as a overview / review of 8 FREE photo hosting sites. 

Most of us who want / need a pay-for-play photo site pretty much know how to find the right one for our needs! 

Smugmug has options available that let you easily share your photos, though maybe not as intuitively as with say flickr, but the options are there, including embedding video into forum posts for Pro memebers.  They also use one of the most respected Professional Photo Labs in the country to handle their prints, bayphoto.com which has far more options than mpix, and many people(myself included) would say better quality prints than mpix as well.

Fortunately, I was "grandfather'd in" on my Pro account & don't pay near that much per year... you could even say quite a few 8x10's less  ;)



Photographers are artists, and damn good ones at that.



So why didn't you include Flickr and/or Photobucket here? is it because everybody know them or something?

And the screenshot of 500px.com and razzi.me look a lot alike (not the picture) like if they where made by the same person.



That's exactly why we didn't include them: they're already widely known and covered. We thought we'd find some lesser known alternatives for the sake of comparison.


Device Unknown

Great as usual bro. Was nice to see my options. How about a review of the 5 or 10 best free photohosting sites. Nothing wrose then seeing "exceeded limit" on my pics

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