Play It Again Sam: 12 Music Streaming Services Sound Off



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"Play It Again Sam" One of the most misquoted movie lines ever...

Anyway, I absolutely love my Zune pass. I rarely stream with it but it's great to be out and hear a song I want to immediately download and play back over and over until I'm sick of it and never want to hear it again.



Bah! I'll stay old school.
Shoutcast is good enough for me.
I get plenty of "music discovery" on Groove Salad.



Music has come so far from the days of mixed cassette tapes; thank you for the updated music playlist lesson!



IMHO for basic free streaming Last FM is a standout between most of that type but I could see others preferring Spotify, Pandora, and even Slacker. I am sure the haters will disagree but if you are going to pay for it then ZUNE without a doubt is the best. Between the easy to navigate UI of the PC software, the excellent Library selection, and the superior song/playlist management there is no comparison IMVHO. I guess the reason its not popular could just be that you need a Zune Player/Windows Phone, or that its Microsoft, or even its stupid ratings system that it insists on using (love/blank/don't love...?). The ZUNE Smart DJ is awesome! I didn't think I could add too much to my 5-6 gig library but it has found a slew of new music I didn't know about or old music I had forgotten about that fits my taste so much so that I use my free 10 song each month the day I get the credits and I have hundreds more waiting. (I am grandfathered with the old $14.99 plan where I can select to permanently own 10 songs per month and I'm not giving that up if I can help it)



Also wanted to mention the extras with ZUNE in addition to Music Pass such as the excellent audio or video podcast subscribing with effortless wireless sync to your device. You can even subscribe with your device sans PC. Along with the all you an eat downloading or listening you can also quickly purchase from the Marketplace if you find a keeper. OK, I might be a ZUNE fanboy but that is despite the fact that I despise MS just as much if not more than I do Google or Apple.



Where's the most important differentiator- the bit rate?!



i read that mog was great quality/good bit rate...streaming at 320kbps.....just trying out this week,and really like it so far



I miss imeem. It was the best of the best for difficult to find international songs and uploaded music was very well compressed (HQ),for being a free format.

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