Photo (Video) Awesome #30: Samsung Shows us the New Central Station



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This is very nice... if it were a non-screen standalone (perhaps a monitor stand?) I would certainly buy one, but as it stands I just can't justify buying a new screen when my current ones are working so well.  

It's like this device is made for students.  We're always toting laptops around and it's a huge pain to hook everything back up at home.



This is actually very cool. Wireless and usb 3.0. The 5 foot distance is okay maybe in the future that will be doubled. I can really see how useful this product can be especially for a person who works from home part time. You have done well Samsung. I wish we could have heard the audio in the video... Does it work with Ubuntu?


Holly Golightly

What a cool design. It really stands out because of the wireless feature. But why make it only 1080p? I would have rather seen it in a 16x10 mode of 1920x1200 or better yet, 2560x1600. Samsung has usually been on the bleeding edge, but eventually all of these monitors will begin to blend in. Since this is a cutting edge monitor, I feel they should have put a cutting edge resolution, and make in 30". I want to be able to see more out of my desktop. None the less, it is a cool monitor.

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