Photo (Video) Awesome #23: Samsung's Six Panel Display Up and Running!



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I have to agree that there is too much bezel. I would find it had to become immersed in a game with that distraction. Plus wouldn't your crosshairs be right there on the bezel in an FPS?


Also can you show a couple shots of the wiring and daizy chaining just so we can see how it was all hooked up? Thanks!



I'm sorry, but until they are bezel-less I won't seriously look at theses things. It is cool yes, and I suppose if you never game, or only use one monitor for gaming it would work, but the bezel is in the way way too much.



Sure 6 monitors is awsome but almost all of us are limited to three at the very most. Samsung no longer supplies much in the area of true high resolutions monitors. IMHO 1080p monitors are toys. They are 1080p TV's minus tuners.

Where are the 1920 X 1200 great monitors that they used to make? Once my trusty 245t monitors go I will have to switch brands. I am not buying toys after all.



"Where are the 1920 X 1200 great monitors that they used to make?"

Agreed! I'm getting so sick of 1080p being 'the' standard becuase it's something the 'average wallet consumer' can wrap their brain around. Many don't even know what the 'p' stands for, they just know BlueRay can 'do' 1080p, so they want that.

As long as the aspect ratio stays where it should, give people who want more resolution, more resolution! The selection of ANY monitor over 1080 is either cost prohibitive or non existent.



The statement you made in your last paragraph is incorrect on both counts.  I have a 23" Samsung, no less...that has a 2048x1152 resolution (SyncMaster 2343), so, quite obviously, is is NOT "non-existent, and as for cost, it cost LESS than its 24" 1920x1080 counterpart, by $30.  While the 2443 was going for $230, the 2343 was only $200.  Yes, it might be 1" smaller, measured diagonally, but considering its higher resolution, that shows both parts of your statement to be false.

As for the rest of what you & Baer want to believe, you are both wrong on several counts, starting with your belief that 1080 monitors are nothing more than “TV’s minus tuners”.  Yes, there are some models where the TV & monitor share many components, but monitors, in, and of, themselves, are FAR from being what you wish to believe.  As for your belief that 1080 is the “standard because it’s something the ‘average wallet consumer’ can wrap their brain around”, this (along with your poor spelling & grammar), quite obviously, shows your lack of intelligence.

You even go so far as to contradict yourself, further proving my point.  In one sentence, you agree with the statement/question regarding where all the “1920x1200 great monitors they used to make”, and then, in another sentence, you state, “As long as the aspect ratio stays where it should…”  The point I am making here is, you speak of two entirely different aspect ratios.  1920x1080 is a 16:9 ratio, while 1920x1200 is a 16:10 ration.  The fact that monitor manufacturers have all but abandoned the 16:10 ration, in favor of a 16:9 ration, has to do with the fact that 16:9 is the standard of Blu-ray (and, technically, DVD, as well), and more & more people are using their computers for watching movies.

If you want a higher resolution monitor, there are plenty of them to chose from, but, in doing so, there is one thing that becomes part of that, and that is, you just need to buy a larger monitor.  For monitors in the 23-24” range, all but a few are going to be 1920x1080.  As for those “few”, yes, they are more expensive, and can be quite a bit more expensive, but that is because they are NOT aimed at gaming/movies, and are designed for graphics professionals, and as such, are built to considerably higher standards than monitors that would be used by gamers.

Lastly, in regards to this particular 6-monitor setup, I will agree that it is excessive, as a 3-monitor configuration is perfect, but regarding Baer’s statement that “1080 monitors are toys”, this shows his lack of intelligence.  You will be hard-pressed to find higher-resolution monitors capable of 120Hz, which is what’s needed for 3D gaming, as well as movies in 3D (at least for those who wish to play/watch in 3D, although, at the same time, 120Hz monitors present another, and far better, possibility, at least for gamers, in that, a 120Hz monitor will allow for considerably faster viewable frame-rates in games, even in standard “2D”.  True, larger/higher-res, 120Hz monitors can be produced, but doing so would raise the cost considerably, which, once again, separates the quality of monitors vs. HDTVs, thus providing further proof that monitors are NOT just “TVs without tuners”.  If you attach your computer to an HDTV, and can honestly tell me you can’t tell the difference between the image on the TV, and the image on the monitor, I will honestly tell you that you need to have your eyes checked.



Have been working with the MD230X3 (three screens) version. Here are just some problems with this monitor, that Samsung does not tell users before buying and that I believe should not been there for the money you pay for them (and the expectation Samsung builds around it for you):

1 - (For Gaming, at least) Even though Samsung says this monitor has a 7,6mm side bezel, which accounts for a 15,2mm from one screen to the other, it is actually more, because the LCD screen panel is not used in its full size. The LCD panel does not show the computer screen on the last 2mm of the screen (2mm on top, 2mm on the left, 2mm on the right, 2mm on the bottom). So, the real bezel from one monitor to the other is not 15,2mm... it´s 15,2mm + 2mm + 2mm... and that´s 19,2mm of bezel real state.

2 - (For Gaming) I worked with Eyefinity Technology with this monitor, since they have DVI and DisplayPort. But, When you connect these monitors to your graphics card (I did DVI + DVI + DisplayPort), the Eyefinity technology will work, but Bezel Correction will not be available. This is because when you connect a Samsung MD230 LCD with DVI, it gives the graphics card an EDID information. If you connect it through DisplayPort, the MD230 will give the graphics card a different EDID. ATI Control Panel will only enable Bezel Correction if the monitors have the same EDID... so... solution would be for Samsung to correct this (at firmware level), but the support is done with Samsung Business, that only works with phone (no email), and they don´t care about this problem (and actually they try their best for you to just give up and hang up the phone). Samsung knows about this problem, but just don´t care about you (AMD will not fix this, since this is a monitor problem, not a driver problem).

3 - (For people that care about doing a clean installation) For a monitor of this magnitude, and price, you would expect Samsung could to a cable management system... but they don´t. WTF is up with that? Well... pay a lot to not get a development team that cares (they don´t use what they make). Can you do a great cable management (hide cables, to be more exact) with cable ties and a lot of work? Yes, ou can.

4 - (For people that reads all warnings, all the manual) On the hinges that hold one monitor to the other, there is a small sticker with a warning. If you can understand what it means... congratulations... you are a genius... because the manual does not say what that is, nor the Samsung support.

5 - (For people that think something should work as intended) The base that comes with the monitor has a height adjustment... but... to get the monitor up, is not easy (that´s good, since a small bump will not elevate the monitor), but to get the monitor down (from the highest point to the middle point) is just to damn easy. Sometimes just a small bump on the desk does that.

Hope Samsung correct the problems above an make two new models (it´s about time): a MD240 (24" panels with 16:10 aspect ratio... = 1.920 x 1.200 in resolution) with IPS panel and Led backlight.... and a MD2403D (the same thing as the above, but with 120Hz panels). After all, if you are going to pay a lot for something, that this something be awesome (at least).



Ambers hot, lol sorry nothing constructive to say; just an observation.



Six screens is just bad. I'd take five any day, bigger fov.

These are the proper screen amounts for gaming: 1 - 3 - 5 - 9 - 15 (with the last two being a bit beyond ridiculous).


MdX MaxX

Holy crap that's a lot of freaking cables.

You guys should hook up the Dream Machine to this and run Crysis 2 at max settings.  That would probably set a world record!

This video player is annoying.  What's wrong with YouTube?



It looks great.

How long do did it take to get to its current state, and how long until your finished (with the daisychaining and all)?



Let's see... It probably took Alan and I roughly an hour to assemble all the displays together, then say maybe another hour to install the video card and hook all the cables up. It also took us at least an hour or two of fiddling and troubleshooting to get all the displays properly identified and working (we had a set back due to one dead display), then another hour of messing around with it so it will play games across all six displays...I figure we could likely spend another hour or two fine-tuning the daisy-chains and such, but we should be ready for game testing any time.

I found it a bit disappointing that Samsung includes such extensive instructions for assembling the physical build, but included zero information on hooking up the videocard, or the cables, or any of the software-side stuff...Hope to have the testing and the official review done soon!

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