PC Pr0n: 25 New, Kick-Ass Case Mods



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Chacos must be a real pervert to conceive of using pr0n to describe his PC mod list. This is exactly the reason why I am letting my subscription lapse. MAXIMUMPC is slithering step-by-step into the "wink wink, nudge nudge" red-light district mentality. Clean up your publication, please.



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Some of the case mods are tastefully done and top notch. It's sad that the only one with any power is in a plain mountain mods ascension. Surprised at the lack of truly high builds on the list.



When I was in my teens and early 20's I was into hot, fast cars. I remember somebody once customizing a '57 Chevy with a 327 that had over 500 horsepower. The engine compartment was a true work of art and the body was a sight to behold. Wasn't practical, and they sure didn't drive it on the street but they won a lot of prizes and awards with it at car shows.

Same mentality here I guess. They do look sweet and they are more usable than most hot rods. But it's the joy of doing the build that makes it interesting. To be able to stand back and say, "I created that." Personally, I don't have the time (or money) to do it. I am quite content with my basic overclocked i5-2500K system and it's plain-jane black case with air cooling and unlit fans. But I truly admire the systems in this article as well as the skill and creativity it took to build them.Nice article for sure!



I think AzTec was my favorite.


The Corrupted One

*Looks accusingly at oversize case with a broken front panel*



What's up all
First thank you Bill Owens for thinking of my modding skills are good enough to be shown with the rest of these killer Mods Also thanks to all the great Modder's that inspired me and everyone else out there to keep coming up with new ways to do things to there computers keep up all the great work guys/gals . please check out the Mod contest MNPCTECH is sponsoring on www.arsenalgamingrigs.com very cool mods being shown on the site vote for your favorite pc .



Wow thanks everyone and of course Bill Owen and Mnpctech for liking my work to begin with. Also thanks to all the great Modders that inspired me to start modding myself. Also Grats to all the others that made the article and to all the Modders out therE working hard on their current builds.

Take Care Guys,



Brad Chacos

Hey folks, I've been talking to Sander (aka Asphiax), the guy behind the USS Eurisko build. He's pumped to be included in the roundup and just started a work log of his new project -- an Imperial AT-AT build -- in the Modder's Workshop forum here on the site. And just in case any of you are interested, he also runs a Facebook group dedicated to collecting pics and information about nifty science fiction-inspired mods of all shapes and sizes.


Brad Chacos

Brian Carter (aka Boddaker) just added new worklogs for Borderlands 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic builds to the Modder's Workshop forum, as well. Check 'em out.



Agree, looks nice, runs like crap, mostly. I just dropped 125 on 2 8gb sticks of ram, uping my ram to 24 gb, not a case mod, as paint, light, and cases do not make my rig play d3, or anything. you guys killed rig of the month, so why now the sudden interest in mods? i got a cooler master HAF stock case that looks pretty nice, built myself, and runs crazy fast. can i get the newegg gift you used to give out?



I'd rather have a plain beige or black box. Does that make me unusual?



Nah. I did the same thing when I realized that I could buy a really nice case, or a second graphics card. My computer is buried under my desk anyways, so why does it need to look nice?




Still, its nice to see people put effort into creating some amazing looking cases. My favorite is L3p's desk/computer. I would LOVE to have that kind of setup.

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