Open-Source... or Freeware? You Decide!



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"Have you had any run-ins with Johnny law about your open-source downloads? Still confused about what's what? Leave a comment!"

I have a huge problem with several of the companies that I've worked for that just seem to have a blatant disregard for licensing, be it freeware or open-source. At a repair shop I worked for, the owner would regularly install Spybot, Adaware free, and AVG Free on computers. While all of these programs are free to use, they all specifically state that if you're  a business, it's a no-no. The spybot guy was nice enough to respond to my email (as the guy who handled all our licensing mess) and tell us a work around for it, which was way too kind of him. The worst part was, with AVG Free, they were paying us for a copy of AVG, and the customers were to ill-informed to know that they were paying for something already free. 

    The other company I worked for was installing AVG free on all of the company computers. That's about 50 machines or so that AVG should have been making money off of. Now I'm sure AVG is doing fine and those 50 arent going to break them, but I do think there should be some better way of enforcing it. 



freeware = free as in beer: doesnt cost you anything, but you don't know where the hell it's from or exactly what's in it.

open source = free as in speech: doesnt cost you anything, and you are free to spread it, change it, and know what's in it. The keyword here is SOURCE, as in the SOURCE CODE of the program.



yeah  for software developers it makes a huge difference, also, open source tends to be better in terms of quality, you have more people writing code for it.

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