Maximum PC Essentials: Ultimate BIOS Tweaking Guide



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Thanks for the info! It's very helpful, and i've seen BIG improvements in my AMD's processor speed and overall performance! You guys know everything about BIOS. BIG Danny :)



Thank you for the article on tweaking the bios. I however think that before asking the public to "tweak" the bios, it will be a good thing to understand what all the "stuff" in the bios is. There is an article titled Understanding the bios on your website but when I click on it I get only the title, nothing else. I understand that your readers are "more knowledgeable" than the average consumer, but at the same time, if you do not provide basic information how will the rest of us catch up? Although I do not consider myself as a novice when it comes to computer (I might be just a short step above), I am a novice when it comes to "bios settings" and I do not have the time to research all that  information. I will appreciate, and my guess is that I will not be the only one, if you could locate one of the most extensive or complete or detailed bios that you can find and explain what the acronyms mean and their purpose, line by line, page by page, with corresponding pictures and figures. That article can become the basic document that will be updated and modified based on the next completed or detailled bios you find during your testing.  This article can then be permanently posted on your website.

If such an article is done and regularly updated, I am sure that you site will become a destination for computer "newbies" and veterans alike in the search for "basic knowledge" and understanding. In turns, this increased traffic will give a boost to your subscription base and will free you from "EVER AGAIN" considering advertising like the "enlargement" advertising a while back.


Keep up the good work





"AHCI is supported only by Intel and ATI at this point and not by Nvidia."

 How old is this article?  FYI, Nvidia's boards DO support AHCI (At least the AMD 7 series).  ATI on the other hand has an extremely spotty record with their AHCI implementation ranging from data corruption, disappearing drives, NCQ issues and only 32-bit mode support.



It would have been nice if MPC would discuss the "advanced timings" (as well as tRFC). These timings are VERY important for getting MAXIMUM CAPACITY out of your memory slots.

I just installed 1gb DDR2 Corsair Dominator 8500s in all 4 slots of my 680i (1066mhz), and 2gb DDR3s OCZ's (1600mhz) in all 4 slots of an MSI X48, and setting these timings high (specifically tRC & tRFC) is the ONLY way to get a stable system!!

Check out the forums by Corsair, OCZ and several other memory makers; these advanced timings are the only way to get a stable system!!!

Hope that this helps someone; maybe MPC can help explain these timings (I know that MSI can't.)


Keith E. Whisman

It's a good rule of thumb to disable ports and features like onboard crappy audio that isn't going to be used. I think that the article is good and shutting alot of crap off simplifies things. Less is best. Less chances of Murphy's law stepping in and mucking everything up. Like Kiss (Keep it simple dumb ass).



im surprised maxPC didnt cover disabling unneeded devices to increase available RAM.

 didnt cover BIOS flashing either. hrmm.



I think they were going specifically for speed increasing tweaks for the processor, motherboard and RAM.  While those tweaks will increase overall performance of the computer they do not specifically speed up or add to the computing power of any of those things.



But stability is always important. MPC will KILL a PC rating because of instability. Some of these tweeks can prevent or create instability and knowing what to do is as important as what NOT to do!

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