Old School Monday: The Lust List '96



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"Ricochet Wireless Modem: Taking the Net with you on the road helps blur the boundaries between cyberspace and reality. A Ricochet and a notebook are the first step to being the technomad I've always dreamed of becoming. Next, I need a HUD headband and a palm keyboard. I wonder if the Borg have any job openings..."

Wow.  What a blast from a past.  I so remember working on this list!  And now I am indeed living the Technomad dream - full time on the road for over four years now...

  - Chris // www.technomadia.com



I remembered when I was in high-school drooling over that Nokia 9000. I eventually got my first Palm Tungsten PDA for $200! It only had 8MB of onboard memory, so I had to shell out an additional $50 for a 128MB SD card. And then another $30 for their app that allowed the Palm to be used as a music player.  And the plastic screen scratched up within 2 weeks of use. I used it until when Apple released their first iPod Touch - putting the Palm PDA in its death bed for good.



Way to back a winning horse there, Dunphy.  Hopefully, you did get that N64 instead of waiting. :)



Great find. It never gets old looking at these crusty old products and the prices they were going for at the time. It's especially fun looking at the specs of some of these $4000 "gaming" rigs.

By the way, $55 for Diablo? I thought games over $50 was a recent trend that's only a couple years old. MW2 was one of the first $60 I can remember. Most of the games in the article are $40.



WOW!!  $2,400.00 for a 10/100 hub!  Prices have really dropped, I picked up a brand new 10/100 switch off of Newegg for like 10 or 15 bucks.



I weep for my age... I had to hook up a Connectix Quick cam for our TA in highschool... thing plugged in with a PS2 passthrough to the keyboard! god the days when 56k and Zip were king *goes and cries in a corner when a gig 9 gig drive isn't even enough to install windows anymore



Nice spam catcher, guys.

And it's funny that you seem to have had no problem lately, getting all these articles scanned in and up on the web site...  But whenever somebody asks why you can't provide web archives of boot, your excuse is always "Oh, it's too much trouble to track down an old program and scan things and convert things and waah".

Don't believe me?  There's a thread in the Magazine feedback forum right now where they say exactly the same thing.  Isn't that funny?



I think you know there's a big difference between scanning one boot article a week, and scanning the ENTIRE back catalog of magazine content.

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