Old School Monday: The DirectX Files



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It was being a fly on the wall at Microsoft.  What ever happened to Alex St. John?



Boy can I remember that issue and all the hub bub the OGL V/S D3D "war" had brewing seems like it was yesterday .



I can still remember editing that story. Alex turned it in, and then went incommunicado, more or less... which is what a recently departed MS product envangelist, insanely rich with stock-option cash, will do. The editing required about two weeks of chasing down other sources, trying to corroborate what Alex had written. It was a very hardcore techie story on the surface, but I would have liked to have published more material actually about DirectX. It was also one of the worst selling issues that year. Alex was a big deal among a very small group of people, and unknown to the world at large. Still, running this as a cover story DID probably help cement our status among the harddest of the hardcore enthusiasts, and that may be as important a motivation as anything.



I just wonder if 10 years from now, when I'm reading the latest headlines and the newest Old School Monday pops up, if it will have the Dream Machine 2010 article, and whether I'll chuckle and say "Only 12 cores? LCD? BIOS? Drivers?"


Michael Ellis

Hopefully it will be more like electron based computers? How quaint!


Keith E. Whisman

I remember DirectX Beta... LOL.. that was a long time ago. It doesn't seem all that long ago though. I just went to New Student Orientation at my college and there are a lot of students in college now that were just babies when DirectX was new. God I'm old. 



Yes.... that scares me.  Back when I was that age, you had to know how to use DOS and how to modify your autoexec.bat and config.sys files.  HIMEM.SYS and EMM386.  Hell.... I had to have a boot menu to enable and disable those just to play Tie Fighter!

Things have come so far that kids these days don't know jack about anything.  Trying to get a college kid to troubleshoot something is like trying to get a rock to baby sit a 3 year old.... it just sits there.... worthless.  Punk-ass kids...  Yeah.... I feel old now.



God, remember when burner speed mattered?  Or for that matter, optical drives themselves.

PS Captchas suck.



24X?!? That's crazy fast! I gotta have one but they cost $300. :)



24X damm 4X for $400 or 2X for $250



I remeber reading that one!  man how time goes by



I think I have that issue in a box somewhere here at home damn

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