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Why aren't you Banning Spammers Maximum PC?





This is the closest those few in the People's Liberation Army who still think we are THE ENEMY are going to get to an invasion. I've seen this exact same spam in other popular news sites that allow comments and have captchas.

They just create new accounts when they get B&, and make more websites with links to domains and email adresses within mainland china.



I've been at this right from the beginning. Just last week I made the comment, "with all these changes since 1998 in games, it's amazing how nothing has really changed"


In fact, I think it's ALL the same now and dumbed down. There was BioShock a couple of years ago but I don't see any real stars out there. I'm looking forward to the retro Duke Nukem Forever. All I want is a little fun.


Back then, the dream of making a kick-ass game that made some money was all the rage. Now it's how to leverage that console game or PC MMO  into a multi-million dollar franchises.


Big business does this to everything. Checkout the history of Farming or the Automotive industry, Airline industry---- oh hey, don't forget about that company called Wal-Mart; where's Montgomery Ward, K-Mart, Sears, John's Bargain Store. The big battle this Christmas is Target vs Wal-Mart.


The excitement of System Shock 2, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, UnReal and the wonderful mods.Half-Life and having fun on the WON network. Then came Steam and actually it was and is good but talk about an industry changer, OMG; the biggest. Everything is turned into Stats, numbers and clans/groups now. Hey, where's the fun anymore for people who want a night of whopping adventure and shooting.


The last game I played that I actually finished was a European game called Perry Rhodan Myth of the Illochim, released in the US as The Immortals of Terra, A Perry Rhodan Adventure Computer Game. That was more than two years ago.


Doesn't matter if it's adventure or role-playing or a shoot-em-up. Please give me something new and different that engages my mind like a good movie, that takes me away for hours on end.


Back in the latter 1990's keeping our computers running to play a game was a technical feat. You needed a resident Geek to make it all happen. Now we got the power, we got the operating system, we got the graphics power; where's the games?


I'm disappointed. Everything has turned into "just about money".

The pursuit of money seems to Frack-up everything.



This was a legendary blast from the past. It would be interesting to do a follow up about where all these technologies mentioned in the article like Auburn for Intel went. 

Please more in depth interviews like this in future articles of Max PC.

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