Nine New Tweaks for Songbird--the Best iTunes Alternative!



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Yeah I used I tunes once.  Awful product.  I much prefer playlist centric jukebox apps.  Did like the cover flow feature, but that was about it.  Of course I'm one of the few people that think the iPod has the most poorly designed interface ever created.  I can pick up any piece of electronics and figure out how it works in five seconds.  I still struggle with iPods.  And don't even get me started on the touch/iphone, it scrolls the wrong way.  In all the time there have been touch pads you moved your finger down and the page scrolled. . . down.  

As far as music software I'd still use MusicMatch Jukebox Plus if it was still supported.  Hands down best all around music player.  I'm using winamp now.  Hadn't used that since . . . 1999. 

 Anyone know of a really good application to rip CDs and tag mp3s?  What has the best audio quality?  And not one of those that puts the album art in a folder, I want one that completely embeds it into the file.  I've tried media monkey, not bad, but ugly as hell and a bit cumbersome.  




It'll auto-tag your whole collection, inlcuding imbedded album art and lyrics



Is it entirely automated or can you pick and choose.  I've got a lot of live stuff, bootlegs, remixes that I wouldn't want to mess up.  Thanks btw.  I'll check it out.



The process it uses to find tags/art/lyrics is automated, but you get to choose which of the data it finds gets written to your files.  You can just click one button to accept everything it finds, or you can go through and review/edit any of the data it finds before it gets written.



This project has been around for years, but it has been many of those since I last tried it.  Back then it was full of promise, but buggy and crashed like a crack fiend cut off from his supply.  How's it doing now?  Is the stability there?





1. It's crashy

2. No podcast directory would probably mean that I wouldn't have found the Max PC podcast 1 months ago


Bot = deal breakers



This program sounds worthy of me trying... However, I am a strong iTunes faithful, heck, I've been using since iTunes 3.0 and only tried two other programs- Windows Media Player and Real Plater. Borth scared the crap outta me and I quickly returned to iTunes! But this one looks like it deserves a shot, the first time I stray from iTunes in probably over five years. We'll see!



This sounds like a nice media player. I'm just wondering something. My music jukebox runs an old verson of WinAmp because of the ability to add a song to the coming up list without creating a new playlist. I really like this feature for a jukebox. Does Songbird have a feature like this or an extension that adds it. I really like the GUI, but I won't switch unless it has that feature.



I remember long ago (somewhere in 2006), Will wrote an article about MediaMonkey and its features. By that time I was still using WMP because I've never like iTunes. So I decided to give MediaMonkey a try. Well, I still use and love it.

 How good is SongBird compared to MediaMonkey? My favorite MM feature is the File Monitor. It automatically updates your music library when you add directories and/or files to your pc's file system. Another cool feature is the Auto Tag from Amazon. I assume SongBird offers similar features.

 Anyway, any MM user out there that has already switched to SongBird, I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance.



I had actually looked at Songbird about a year ago when I made the jump to XP x64. I was all but sold though because Songbird doesn't seem to have access to the iTunes store. This is a must for me, as I DO buy games, movies and TV shows from there. I doubt thought they could get that into Songbird because the store is proprietary to Apple.

 So I still use iTunes, although the 32 bit version squawks at me about not being able to burn CD's every time I open it.

 This doesn't matter because I don't use iTunes to do that anyways.  I still recommend Songbird though to my friends.



thanks for the review. I'm looking forward to trying out this program.

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