Never Forget Anything: 16 Ways to Record, Document and Archive Your Life



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Note for old Mac floppies, hard drives ZIP disks using HFS: you can use Linux to mount them or image them. I imaged both my Mac disks and some floppies originally formatted and used by System 7, later Systems 8 and 9. Mounting ZIPs or floppies is also useful for patching games (err, transferring documents).

Mount disk: "mount -t hfs /dev/fd0 /mountpoint"

Image disk: "dd if=/dev/fd0 of=/output/file"

If you want to be able to read them in your Mac again I strongly suggest keeping an image and mounting the image when you need the files. (The mount command can be used on an image.) Most of the time transferring files to an HFS floppy will make your Mac see them as "DOS Files" which it doesn't like.

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