Never Be Productive Again: The 20 Best New Browser Games



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Burrito Bison was an awesome flash game. I have to play the follow up now!


Philippe Lemay

ARH! I wish you hadn't added "New" to the title, then I could yell at you for not including Submachine World.

But I have to concede... it's not a very recent title. Still, it deserves a shout-out if it can be done. Great flash-based click-oriented puzzle solver. Super moody, really good ambiance music.



Wow! I must be really out of touch. I have never seen nor played any of these games. But then I do limit my game playing time to Words With Friends and only with a couple of people. I have a hard enough time staying productive without adding more distractions to my day.



Well, then you'll like the following distraction:

Diablo III in Open Beta today from 12:01pm PDT to Monday at 10am PDT...!



Now THAT I could get me distracted. I loved Diablo I and II. Played them both completely through several times. And Diablo III is going to be exponentially better.



I want to try AirMech but it requires Chrome. Ew.

Away from flash, and into chrome. Does that extend "Out of the frying pan and into the fire?" ;)

If AirMech were flash, all of my devices could play it. Instead, none of my devices (including my Android phones) can play it. Brilliant.

Part of the point of browser games is, I thought, to be able to kill time on locked-down PCs. Assuming that this game could run in Chrome without any privileges (I don't use Chrome, so I wouldn't really know), I'd still need administrative privileges to play the game as I'd need them to install Chrome as I have yet to encounter a work/school computer which has Chrome installed.

(After my experiences with a nascent Chrome, I say that's for good reason. Bleh.)



They're working on a Chromeless, though installed, version of AirMech for Windows. It needs Chrome because they wrote it to use Google's cross-platform sandboxing technology, NaCl:


The Corrupted One

How could you forget Nitrome?

You monsters.



You forgot Happy Wheels. How could you forget Happy Wheels?



haha yeah for sure!

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