Nehalem Primer: What We Know So Far About Intel's Next-Gen Penryn Killer



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Has it been determined if Intel truely has labelled Nehalem Core i7?

I thought the logos were nice and wish I could get my mouse on a large non-watermarked version.


Keith E. Whisman

Is Intel ever going to reach Ten Gigahertz? I remember when Intel claimed they were on track to have a 10ghz processor by the year 2010. We should be at about 8ghz now. If you add up the numbers on my processor an E8400 3ghz Penryn dual core that adds up to 6ghz. But that is not how it works.

I love the topic and heads up. Hopefully Intel will have high performance processors for around $200 dollars like they did with Penryn. I mean as dual cores go this one is tops.



Now if only Intel could reasonably find a way to replace ATX with something more effective--and for goodness' sake, get rid of legacy stuff from the motherboard.  I don't care if someone wants to be buried with their reliable PATA interface, or PS2.  Seriously, I would kill if we could just get rid of PATA and add a couple of USB headers there instead.

Howver, keeping more to the focus of the story:  I am leery about adopting anything early on mostly because of price points.  Will I eventually move up?  Sure--but probably not until they work out the socket they plan on sticking with.  I don't want to be the guy purchasing something that won't be supported 6 months later (ie, BTX).



Keith E. Whisman

Heck my Motherboard comes fully equiped with an LPT printer port and Serial port. What they are good for in this day and age I have no idea. It's an Asus 750i motherboard so it's fairly new.



i was surprised that wikipedia has a lot of details about nehalem. they are planning 8 physical cores but only on a 32nm process and for server market, i think.




What details, if any, have you heard about the mobile version of Nehalem as that is what I am more interested in.



 A good read

"we Plan for Tomorrow, but we Live for Today"



With USB 3.0 due to be anounced at the Intel conference in August is there any chance of us seeing an ICH11 with it before Christmas?

Also, is power expected to be down on the motherboards? I expect the northbridge to run cooler now that it is really just a PCI-E controller.



There will be a midrange chipset like a p55 too right? Will that support sli AND crossfire? Or just one or the other? Or maybe just crossfire .. ?

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