Mount Up! Five Freeware Disc/Web Mounting Apps That Transform Your Storage!



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i came accross this app when i was looking for a burning program for vista. it gives the option to burn iso's, create iso of a folder or files, or copy cd to cd/iso all from right click. i now use it on my xp and vista boxes comes in real handy, its fast and free. heres the link to the site ISO Recorder



I have used ISO disc and found it to be okay, but  I was wondering if any one could suggest a freeware utility to modify one of those .iso images. for XP. I ran into a problem trying to add files/folders using ISO disc after it was mounted. Thanks



I'm a huge fan of Alchohol 120% and have never come across any problems. You also have the option to have virtual drives to be mounted automatically when you log into windows. It's also great at copying copy-protected discs. Power ISO and Ultra ISO are great software choices too.



Good call.  I would have loved to include Alcohol 120% in the list, but it ain't free.  :(



Meh, I purchased Alcohol 120% back when it had a lifetime updates for only 30 dollars.



that does all this + has daemon tools bundled with it is SoftDisc. I love it. Rips / burns cd/dvds you name it. Very clean interface also.  Great for laptop gamers ( like myself ) who refuse to lug a large pile of dvds / cd's around to play games as someone mentioned below. Some DRM schemes make it flake out though. So if you know a cd has DRM on it, don't use it. It's fixable but a pain in the ass.



The spyware you heard about is prolly the optional crappy adware that they started bundling with the download awhile back to generate some extra revenue. You can choose not to install it.

 I don't know if  Securom flakes out over Daemon Tools or not, but I do recall some years ago hearing about some of the copy protection schemes refusing to let you run your games if they detected it. I think this was part of the reason the developers switched to a SCSI driver as its harder to detect that way.


Its a cool program. I haven't used it in awhile myself though so not familiar with whats offered in the latest version. I used to use it for mounting ISOs of freeware from the net and also a few dvds on the pc so I didn't have to go looking for the disc. This is great for people with laptops as you can just make iso's of your discs and just mount them whenever you want to play games instead of lugging around a pile of dvds.



Sounds like something SecuRom will kill on your system to make life more painful...



i don't know but i heard daemon tools comes with spyware so i'm kind of scare to use it



I actually considered it, but there are more elegant solutions that are just as free as Microsoft's tool. : )



yeah it's ok but only .iso support and having to "install" a driver seems pointless to me



I'm a bit surprised that Microsoft's Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel tool didn't make the list. It's not glamorous but it works. Follow the link under "Method 1". I've had success on WinXP and Vista.

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