Motherboard Mano-a-Mano: We Review Three LGA1155 Boards!



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I'm glad you decided to make the ASUS P8P67 Deluxe a "Best of the Best" product, I just wanted to point out that in said section you left the title "LGA 1156" someone missed changing it to "LGA1155". 

great reviews!



It looks like the ASUS P8P67 Deluxe board is the only one with board with an integrated bluetooth chip, may prove useful in the long run.  I assume the other 2 don't?? The Gigabye board is impressive, I'm just not sure what I would use 10 3.0 USB ports for. Looks like the ASUS board is the choice for me.



I love it when geeks fight.  Man the parapets!

At least it seems that Intel got out in front of this Sandy Bridge issue, I'll give them that.



Asrock has the same boards for less money. 



I want to know how the MoBo manufacturers can "fix" this issue, when they don't have a working prototype Sandy Bridge with the issue having been addressed with which to TEST the "fix".

Isn't that a bit like fixing the car computer to work with a brake system that hasn't been given back to the manufacturer to test the fix prior to putting the car back into the market?

I don't want to be anywhere near that train wreck when it happens. And I was actually looking forward to Sandy Bridge.



I think we are missing the mark on this subject.

NONE OF THESE are for sale any more.

Intel has basically pulled all of these from production till they fix

the vanishing sata bandwidth issue


I do realize this review was done before this came out in public

and I forgave them the reviews in the print magazine

but this is the web page and I would think they should be more relevant on an issue like this


this is just lazy and sloppy work cuting an pasting print articles to the site to generate content




Correction: None of these boards are for sale RIGHT NOW.

Intel found a problem, and they decided to ask the manufacturers to *temporarily* pull the boards to minimize the problem's impact.  As soon as Intel corrects the problem and the manufacturers receive the fix, they'll be available again.



It's still a damn good article.  aside from the bug, they will all be avail soon again no doubt.   Good work guys, keep it comin'.   1155 here i come!!

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