Exclusive: Behind the Scenes at the World's Most Technologically Advanced Planetarium!



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I want to see crysis on that screen. (OK, I don't care if it only does openGL, just get those cards doing directX or hook up 3DTX 280 XXX's to each projector) That would be most cool thing ever!!!   Oh, and while we are at it, let's enable stereo 3D with the glasses. (The best experiance ever even on a 24 inch monitor)   I think I will have to put that experiance on my christmas wish list!!!



Went to planetarium this week - WOW!!! - and was looking forward to your article - but:

The 'stellar cartography lab' link <http://www.maximumpc.com/files/u17625/voyager_astrometrics_cut_0.jpg> leads to a blank page.

The 2nd phograph is blank.  The link <http://www.maximumpc.com/files/u17625/planetarium_cut_sm.jpg> leads to a blank page.

The 'Star Trek's astrometrics lab' link <http://www.maximumpc.com/files/u17625/voyager_astrometrics.jpg> leads to a blank page.

Since no one else has mentioned these issues, I thought it was me, but I tried 3 different computers and encountered the same problems on all.  What are chance of getting the links in this story fixed, please.  Thanks.



What does that caption on page 4 (I think) mean that says "softwad and hardware blending"?

It sounds vaguely dirty....
(and I liked it and that scared me)




I've been to the planetarium, it is something everyone should see!



"If at any time during tonight's presentation you feel dizzy, just simply close your eyes and the sensation will soon pass."

 I had to do this three times while reading the article.



Reading this article, along with the "Load Letter" that heralded it, made me picture Norman's portrait replacing the "actual stock photograph" of the writer in the last issue's piece suggesting that we should write blogs for $10 a pop. 


The second software system is called Global Immersion, which is the
hardware that powers the main presentation playback. The video is
stored in a proprietary Pixar format, and packs the 30fps video over a
string of files that require significant hardware muscle to process.
They're not just playing a large AVI file here. A combination of
software and hardware blending is also required to align the six
projectors so that the video is perfectly synced and aspected to look
like one giant display.


Classic!  Way to go, Normie - you earned your $10 today!


Number Six

This was a great website feature!  I love computers as well as astronomy, so was very interested in the new Morrison Planetarium and the hardware that runs it.  Thanks MPC!!!

P.S. Please fix the cut-through image-- it's a bad link.



This reminds me of the IMAX dome / OMNIMAX theater at the Ontario Science Center where I live, in Toronto Canada. :) The theater room is exacly the same on the inside.




If this planetarium was a dude, it would be my 2nd husband.


Keith E. Whisman

I think that I just experienced premature ejaculation.




  •  That thing looks like its packing some pretty technical and phenomenal hardware. I wonder if they use regular HDD's or is their some other method of storage, I can just see an array of like 100 TB Velociraptors in RAID 0 or some shit.
  • Also playing a game on that thing or doing anything, watching a movie on the worlds biggest projector, can you even imagine... With a little 2 x 4 mouse and a 6x 10 keyboard, your controlling a screen thats in like 100000x 100000 resolution, playing Crysis on that bay would need like 600 GPU'S.





for some reason i cant help but think that this would be badass to watch porn on. hahahah



Mmmmm... nanoseams. So when are you guys going to be playing MoH II on this baby? You know you want to, Norm.



I brought my copy of Sins of a Solar Empire, but we decided not to try playing on it.

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