From Monochrome to Multitouch: A History of PC Displays



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No way!! Microprose games kicked some serious ass back in the day.

F-15 Strike Eagle


Airborne Ranger

3 of the best games ever on the Commie 64. Especially Gunship. I dreamed of being an Apache pilot for years because of that game.



At the final page of the document, it says "The ASUS Matrix HD5850 card shown" but the card shown is NOT a "5850", it is an Asus Matrix HD5870".



It's also "Scan Line Interleave", not interface.


Talcum X

Bought that at Radio Shack I believe.  I think I played that on my Tandy 1000 SX.  Was going to be an Eagle Drive some day...that was my dream.  Well, never got into the USAF, almost...but not quite.  Will have to settle for flight sims...still.  

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.  I remember every step of the way.



Yes! One of the few games at Radio Shack near the Tandy rigs. I remember it clearly.



I remembered when I made the plunge for LCD back in 2004 - freshman college. I still have it and still works awesome to this day: 17" 1280*1024 Acer with 10ms refresh. Paid $230 with shipping from Newegg. Not bad I guess considering this sized LCD still hovers around $100 these days. Living in a super tiny dorm with a super tiny desk, it was the BEST purchase ever. Replacing that CRT, I had so much more room to do homework on my desk!



That first image looks like a screen from "F-119" not F-15 Strike Eagle.





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I remember it well. I was a child and my parent put the C=64 in my bedroom. I Spent many, many evenings bombing foreign countries' bases (triangles) and dogfighting. 1-button joystick. Great memories of a simpler COMPOSITE time.

I remember this game took what seemed light FOREVER to load up via that dusty 1541 floppy drive. It was so cool!!

Very good memories!!


"Please enter authenticate code"



Back in the day, my school hit it big in the "Apples for Students" program. Got like twenty Apple II E and GS computers, mostly with Green Phosphor screens. The thing I remember about those? They made the most obnoxious electrical humming sound, like an outdoor transformer.

On the flipside, my mom got a Cybervision C112  (I'm looking at it in her stored stuff at the moment) attached to a TNT2 vid card... this thing still produces color and refresh rates that put modern LCD's  to shame, and its 12 years old!

CRT's are still great, except for their weight. You can find them and some, (like this cybervision) can still display DVD resolution graphics perfectly well. but getting them shipped anywhere sucks (the C112 weighs 61 lbs and requires a solid wood desk, hence being in storage). Of course some are losing phosphoresence, or their electron guns are shot. And I'm not aware of any company thatactually still makes tubes for monitors, and only one that does them for TVs.



If I weren't spoiled by the smaller footprint and lower power usage I'd go back to CRT in a heartbeat.  I'm tired of upgrading LCDs only to still have ghosting, mediocre viewing angles and poor color reproduction.  I can't wait until we can buy an LCD based upon size, features & design instead of inaccurate specifications.


BTW, the F-15 screenshot is EGA, since it's got at least 8 unique colors. I found a CGA image and it's nowhere near that pretty:

CGA had a total pallete of 16 but could only display 4 colors at once in pixel graphics. You could cheat it up to 16 with ASCII characters but few games used this.


Zachary K.

the next BIG display revolution will probably be glasses-less 3D.

after that.... holographic (3d or flat, 2d, floating in the air display)  displays or the ability to display every color the human eye can see.

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