Midrange SSD Head-to-Head



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" faced off in the Octagon known as the top of our desk area that holds drives being tested. In that blood-curdling battle (in which neither drive moved nor made a sound)"

Seems like every UFC fight I've ever seen: once the contenders make it to the ground they don't get up again until the match is over, and while they're down their in that, ah, "recumbent clinch" of theirs, they aren't moving or making much noise.

After getting burned with the somewhat infamous Corsair Nova II SSD I just can't believe that they make SSDs worth considering. The odds of me considering them again are extremely low.



Really looks like a 3-way run as the Vertex pulls in quite a few top scores in addition to the Samsung and Corsair. In fact, the Corsair doesn't look like it fares all that well in the tests, yet it gets the 9 while the Samsung get an 8? I'm not quite sure I understand the reasoning here.



It received a nine because of its high level of performance, especially in IOmeter and PCMark Vantage, as well its excellent write speeds. It also has a five year warranty, which is very uncommon for drives in the second tier.



OK, fair enough, but you can see why it might be confusing by looking at the charts, because those are the only two tests in which it wins.

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