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Wow, what a pathetic and biased review.
I think i remember reading way back when in this magazine how rubber grommets for silencing fans was an awesome thing. And now, you can't for the life of you figure out why?
Then you complain about the placement of a button for turning on the internal case lights (as if we constantly through a gaming or browsing pc session are turning and turning that on or off). But hey okay, your preference. But let's see how you review the fact that NZXT didn't even bother to put a button on its case for this purpose:

"While it is a mild letdown that the 630 doesn’t give you a switch for changing the internal lighting to any color you want, we love how the system’s entire fan setup is powered by a single Molex connector."

Yes, because a molex connector for all the fans is the issue at hand. Don't worry, no button, but look, a molex connector for all the fans!
Didn't tell us whether this was the same with the Rosewill case.

Next, what is this?

"We would NORMALLY love the fact that Rosewill packs the Armor Evolution to the gills with fans—six in total, including a huge 23cm fan on the left side panel and two 12cm red LED fans on the case’s front."

But you are not loving it why? You go on to say that this case is as cooled by air as possible by air cooling; what the hell is the problem?
6 fans are included and they aren't loud and they are cooling your system but you aren't loving it this time?

And finally quit lying to your readers. The Rosewill case is $100 (checked a day after your review on newegg), not $120. Comparing a $100 case to a $180 case has always seemed like a fair comparison.

Go home this weekend, drink a cold one. Try coming in Monday with some integrity and pride in your work.



Passion dude^.

Anyway, I have used both of these cases for a few builds and I have to agree that whomever wrote the article is pretty biased. Each case has its advantages and disadvantages, and as a couple of people have mentioned~ it's not really a apples-to-apples comparison. Personally, I prefer the Rosewill case because of the value for the cost, as well as the features, but maybe that's just me.




Regarding the price, I think you really should check again. You want MaxPC to NOT lie to its readers by comparing the MSRP of one more expensive case to the selling price of the less expensive case? Seriously? Why not hype an even more unfair difference while you're at it? Include the ever-changing shipping price on the Phantom 630, but not on the Armor-EVO. In fact, they can even assume that we'll be using a few gift cards we received from family members on the Armor-EVO, but not the Phantom.

They can't follow a single formula every time they review a case. "Molex connector? Check. Fan controlling button? Nope." Those specific things are mentioned case by case (ha. ha.), and only the major aspects are worth going over in every single case review.

They DO appreciate the cooling. It's in the positives of the case at the end of the review. He shouldn't have included "would normally" but you're just arguing over word choice at this point.



This was kind of an unfair comparison with the Phantom case. First, because of the price point. I was looking for a good deal on a good case when I decided to get the Armor Evo. Rosewill had a deal on it through Newegg, and I purchased it there. Even still, at the MSRP, I would have purchased it, knowing about it what I know from my build utilising it.

I agree that the side panels are a little difficult to remove, versus other cases I have had, but that is the only negative thing I can honestly agree with in this article. They are not atrocious though by any means, and I don't take them off and put them on constantly, so it's a non-issue.

I've found that space is also no issue at all, neither is the little button for the LEDs, because honestly, who turns their LEDs on and off? Mine are on all the time anyway.

As far as the rubber grommets on the 2 top fans: they have purpose. The fans are quiet as all getout, and I will attribute this to the insulation of the grommets. I think this article put it a bit harshly in knocking it for a feature that is obviously there for a reason without mention of the reason at all. This is not nearly as flimsy or unstable as the writer makes it out to be.

The cable management of this case is fabulous, as is the placement of the USB ports, and I agree with the writer in that, but knocking this case so hard and comparing it to a case in the next price tier and then one in a much lower tier is really no comparison at all.



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