Maximum PC Primer: Lightweight Netbook Computing with Linux



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Of course, the lower cost and extended battery life does not come without a trade-off—many netbooks have lower system specs as well, which means that they are not designed for heavy-computing applications. dvd creator, dvd video tool



Puppy Linux 




I would not recommend Xubuntu if you want a light-weight distro:



I am shocked that Moblin is not on the list, especially considering it's recent press coverage AND that it's designed (from the ground up, as opposed to Ubuntu remix) for netbooks. It's the only distro I have tried that came with ALL of the drivers for my Acer Aspire One, and for which I did not have to tool around in the command line.



Puppy linux is the sweetest low footprint OS.  It is awesome at hardware detection.  I run it regularly on a amd 400 processor laptop to listen to podcasts in the kitchen.  It is also comes with a lot of lightweight tools.  It is quite a fun os.


Larry Lee

Puppy Linux version 4.3 is under development by a retired computer science professor in Australia.

I have used Ubuntu and Mandriva distros, and I can say that Puppy Linux, and its many variants, is definitely the top dog for netbooks.  The size of the distro is 105 MB, and is easily installed on a bootable USB thumb drive, which is perfect for netbooks.




Crunchbang I tryed on the system I sold and like it but after that there was noting more for me to do with Linux. Might play with Linux after Windows 7 if I got time, I love little How-to's like this one thanks.


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Interesting read, thanks for helping keep me busy at work ;)
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I and many others have been running ubuntu 9.04 on a arm based Zaurus.  It has given new life to a linux based pda.  Nothing sweeter than a micro laptop running a full linux distro that has a touch screen, keyboard and swivel display.  Battery life is up to 8 hours.  It is really just for the geeks among us right now.  Search on omegamoon if you are curious.  The author calls it zubuntu. 



Nice article.

 There have been a number of MaxPC articles about changing your netbook's operating system. I've done it, and I've never looked back. It was a good decision.




Don't forget swapping the RAM and Hard Drive.

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