Maximum PC Gets Screwed So You Don't Have To: Ultimate Screwdriver Review Roundup



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Each one received a verdict - check under the pics. ;)



Sorry!  I didn't see those before!



Where's the Snap On ratcheting screwdriver? I work for a major airline (A and P cert.) and everyone has at least one. They are worth every dollar spent. Lifetime warranty too! Various styles available from "T" handle to 90deg.


John A Antkowiak

"Vir prudens non contra ventum mingit"



I have 3 Snapon screwdrivers in my bag, one I bought years and years ago (and it still works perfectly!) with a long fixed shaft, and a stubby and normal one with interchangable shafts that I have had for years.  I use them just about every day at work and if someone stole them, I would be flagging down the nearest Snapon truck and begging him to let me buy a replacement.  I think I paid $75 for the first one, and the other two were part of a kit that was $150.



I thought you guys were joking about this review...have they run out of cools things to review?



This is an MPC blog post, not one of the magazine articles. There are definetly more cool things to review than they could ever put into the magazine. I for one enjoyed the story. :) Nice one Paul.

 On the Swiss Tech Utili-Key 6-in-1, I actually have one of these as a backup to my backup. It's better than using an actual key, and that is all that can be said about it. Your more likely to cut your own fingers using it than anything else, but it does work. I would have said a "2"




I do like reviews like this because not everyone has the time to go out themselves and test screwdrivers.  But, there is one question I do have, since when do you work on a computer with a screwdriver with a magnetic tip?  This was the largest NO NO that was brought to my attention long ago when I killed a motherboard from the magnetic tip!!!



No you didn't, you left an extra standoff in the case, or failed to discharge yourself.  We have used mag tips for 13 years with NO problems. 

 Best screwdriver out there is a DeWalt power screwdriver with torque adjust, we have three here in the shop.

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