Maximum Micro Tech: Three New Technologies Explained



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Thanks for making people aware if this interesting new technology.  I had no idea such a thing existed before reading this.  Heat is a huge problem for me and others in the satellite industry, so something like this could come in handy for a future power amplifier or DSP board design.


h e x e n

This article kicks ass. THIS is why I come to this site. Very interesting stuff, especially the nanowick tech. It will be interesting to see how fast these technologies reach the consumer. If it's like anything else, we'll see it stalled by current technologies and current businesses. There's a reason we still run on fossil fuels. :(

Great article though guys. Stay on the cutting edge!



A nanowick cooled- graphene based- quantum processor? That sounds better than sex.



Just like to give MPC a big thanks to the overwhelming amount of Battlefield 3 ads. I cant even view the 3rd page of this article because it sends me to the error page(slipstreaming Windows XP? Man you guys really gotta update that thing) after the ad everytime. 

Been trying for the last ten minutes. 


Oh speaking of....



Yeah, it's been buggy lately - deleted my original response to you so this is my second attempt. I've already got the web team working on it. Hoping to get it fixed asap.



Have always liked your white papers. Enjoyed the read, appreciate that you left in science and assumed some understanding on your readers. Too many times (outside of MPC that is) it is assumed that the reader is an idiot and must be spoon fed.

Naturally, to a physicist this may BE spoon feeding, but to the average run of the mill geek this is solid.



It might not be spoon feeding, but I do feel like there is something lacking... As a geek who knows most of the basic ideas and principles behind these innovations, I'd want a bit more detail on the explanation and elaboration on the applications.

Still, this is relatively thorough and is a good balance between understandability (is that a word?) and thought-food.

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