Maximum Interview: the Science Behind Folding @ Home



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Guys!  Can somebody ban this asfflin account!  It's annoying!



I too have tried Folding@Home with ATI cards with no I've moved them to other projects, I do have one (and ONLY one...EVER) NVidia card crunching elsewhere with a Quad that I may give a shot @ Folding ...we'll see; I'm pretty happy with my choices of projects; and as the article states there are ten horses headed to the same watering hole!!!...also as stated I'm running 60 some cores on some 25 machines plus GPU's; generally at 2 or 3, maybe 4 CPU Projects and 2 or 3 GPU Projects switching is a pain! Localization would definitely be good for the crunching society



Just read the article... AWESOME reference about not being able to take 9 women and have a baby in a month... Just goes to show that the people behind the WUs are real, and they have lives, and wives who have to put up with them as well ;)

Glad to be contributing, but I sure hope the other 10500 Team MPC members fire their clients back up again.

Folding on.... And proud of it!




“The reason why it’s more of an issue is if you look at the roadmaps of Intel or AMD, they’re just adding more cores: four-core, eight-core, six-core chips are common. If you think about what it’ll be like in ten years, it’ll be 1,000-core chips. If you can’t break your problem up amongst more than four cores, you won’t see any kind of speedup. We can break our program up amongst half a million cores right now – we could scale to a billion cores, easily.”

Not saying I have anything against Folding @ Home, but have you followed their multi-core guide? I did. I would not want to do that a billion times. Is there an updated version I am missing? Maybe he is not talking about the client-side app?

After I read that I got excited and visited the site. I was hoping to see a new version. Oh well.



If you're using the SMP client multi-core is easy, all you have to do is download it and add " -smp " to the parameters and it'll use up all your cores. That or run multiple instances of the classic client (with different IDs).

Even if it was difficult, would you expect them to keep it that way, even when they were just talking about making it easier?



I like that quote "every time they have to click, you loose people". There are alot of sites that need to hear it. I mean, like look at the site for SUPER. You have to delve through a mountain of text to find the download link, then it takes you another text mountain, where it brags for a while about being free, till you get to the bottom and find ANOTHER link which takes you to ANOTHER page, which goes on and on about "Options in program", and then you finally get to download it. Good thing they aren't trying to make money off that program, because their site is a convoluted mess.



You know someone has crossed a line when they turn on F@H instead of the furnace for heat. I have crossed that line.

F@H CUDA client FTW.


Mighty BOB!

lol, I have done that as well.  Might as well since I'm using the electricity either way.



I have have crossed that line also.  A GTX470 is a capable small space heater!



For a second I thought this was about my first (okay, second) ISP.



Great article!  Always nice to have alittle insight into the future of distributed computing, and to look back at where it has been. 

I should point out that anyone who wants to learn more is of course welcome at MaximumPC's folding forums right here on the website.

The forum is full of helpful and knowledgeable people that will help get your computer folding to it's Maximum potential!

Set your computer up to fold and help out Team MaximumPC by entering 11108 in the team field, and make a unique name for yourself to track exactly how much you are contributing.

So far I have turned in over 35,000 work units... How bout you?



16,723 WU's and counting


Mighty BOB!

lol, I've only done 407.

204,632 points



I've tried folding a couple times with the GPU client for my Radeon 4850 but it could never run for more than a day without crashing. Using the screensaver would make it crash too. Plus at the time the equivalent nVidia cards would fold much, much faster. I got discouraged.

If/when they release a more stable AMD GPU client, I could see myself getting into it again. ( :

I have a lot of respect for this guy and the entire Folding@Home project. Good article.



GPU 3 client for ATI when released should even things up a little between nvidiot and AMD/ATI as it it will use OpenCL instead of Brook+ / CAL


what they really need is an SMP like client for Multi GPU



I just have to say that I love this article. I've been folding for quite some time now but just recently got back into it when I got my Phenom 955 and 6870. I'm just waiting for the updated GPU clients to release for AMD cards and I'll be a 24/7 folder, outside of gaming of course XD



I second the AMD complaint. one day soon. . .



maybe in time for the HD10000 series cards at the rate they're going

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