Master the Essentials: 29 Crucial PC Skills



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Don't bother pressing Alt+Home to show the Start menu. Just press the Windows key.



the way i get rid of alot of junk is this 4 step guide:

Step 1: Format HDD

Step 2: Instert CD with restore information or use a restore partition on some computers and install drivers and antivirus.

Step 3: Cry like nutz because you forgot to make a restore disk because you diddn't read through the instructions first!

Step 4 (If step 3 Happend): Pay $220+ for Win7 Home!



Actually, the first step after getting windows onto the machine, before you go onlne at all, is install some kind, any kind, of antivirus, since an unprotected computer connected to the net can be infected in as little as thirty seconds. so have AV on some kind of USB disk or home made driver disk.



There is a flaw in this step

"but what do you do when it’s finished? The first step we take is to fire up Windows Update and install any and all applicable patches."

You are not thinking, there is a good chance depending on the system that there will be missing drivers and that can include the network.

After windows is done it's setup from the disk/usb key (Win 7 style) you will want to check device manager and see what devices need third party drivers, aka chipset, network, sound etc.

Once you have used the MB cd to clear the unknown devices then you see if you get a connection to the outside world, this is very important for Vista and Win 7 since a failed network setup can lead to you being locked into public network mode because it could not reach the world correctly. Thus no Windows Update will work until the above is resolved.






This works with XP and Vista. I haven't tried it with Win 7, someday I will. On a new store bought PC get a XP or Vista disk from Microsoft, whatever version the computer came with. Then reinstal the OS from scratch. Viola, no crap. But, you will have to install all the drivers by hand.

Example: I got a used computer with Vista Business. I took a copy of Vista Home Premium Upgrade and when the type in you CD Key prompt came up I put in the Vista Business key and got Business loaded right up.

Keep in mind if that key is for 32 or 64.



you'll see it all online before you get your magazine, so cancel now. on top of that, the Win-Home key to minimize doesn't work for me. Maybe I'm missing something, but ,mehhh.....


This site has gone downhill. Always posting thing before their magazine and always about 3-4 days behind the actual PC breaking 'news'.I'm def not renewing. An this CAPTCHA is even worse. Another reason I'm gone. Surprised I even commented here, but I have to save the MaxPC noob.



You shouldn't post something like this, you obviously must have to have it shipped international or you buy it from newstands, because the september edition came before august started!



I got this mag a couple weeks back and I love it. Great issue, guys!

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