Malware Removal Guide 2011: How to Get Rid of All The Latest Malware



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The PDF plugin in Chrome is actually based on Foxit's PDF Reader, not Adobe's:



I had to use Sys Restore (win 7) to get rid of a nasty bug (random audio commercials...). Is that a valid way to clean up after yourself?


Ras Thavas

I have had good success with removing the infected hard drive and putting it in a usb dock or enclosure and then cleaning that drive from another non infected machine.



This article is fairly elementary.  Removing malware after it has installed itself can be extremely difficult, maybe impossible in some cases.  Some security vendors offer the option to create a bootable CD to use in conjunction with their security suite, such as Norton Internet Security.  This is often necessary as it's not uncommon for malware to remain active in SAFE mode, preventing anti-malware apps from running. You have to know how to create the CD though and more often then not people don't.

This can be a real nightmare for less experienced users.  The typical scenario is the user has not been making system images, they've never backed up their data and have years of family pictures, etc, that can't be replaced.  They didn't burn the System Recovery discs when they first setup their computer, etc.

I think another article that goes into these issues in more depth could teach people how to create a disaster recovery plan, but this one only scratches the surface.



new trojan for macs. i thought they "just worked" ?



The likelihood is low that you'll get any malware when you follow the proper precautions. It is still not impossible. I think for most this article is common sense 101. Thank you for posting it nonetheless since a lot of people don't know how to protect themselves on the web. Visit the US-CERT Cyber Security Tips (.GOV) page for additional tips protecting yourself online.



Try NoScript for chrome. And WOT (all browsers).



also, it isnt uncommon for some viruses to block rkill from running. a simple name change on the file solves this 99% of the time. i like hellokitty.exe.... who would block that???



A gide that will show you how to make a bootable iso disk that will run all of these anti malware programs at once? Just like the MRI disk that geek squad uses.

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