Luxury Towers: We Review 5 Of The Best Cases Money Can Buy



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How do you name this review: Luxury Towers: We Review 5 of the Best Cases Money Can Buy while leaving out Mountain Mods, Danger Den, Little Devil, and Case Labs. These are all mid-range towers and far from luxury.



the spider is for AMD's "Spider" platform



Hmmm , I still like my Danger Den Double wide Tower-21, hugely expensive, but it gets the job done.



From my experience though I wonder if that softouch stuff is going to last. I love the look and feel of it. But I'm all too familiar with the quick wear of it having owned a Jetta in the past with the same stuff. But if it holds up it should be really interesting. Right now the only case I am considering is the Silverstone Fortress02 I think it's a mighty fine case. I was impressed from the get go when I bought one for my girlfriends dad, who would only have the best of the best in everything he owns. I just wish cases were a little more subtle and I wish they solds something like the one VoodooPC uses damn that's slick puts the apple style to shame IMO. Anyways enough of my rant. Cheers everyone hope you're all having a great one!



I personally love my Cooler Master Stackers.   Only downside is they are huge and heavy. But great airflow and they have filters on the mesh.



  Sorrreeeee, EMMmmmmm, The "LanBoy" lets in too much dust and insects.! nice concept idea, but thats as far as it goes, and Ive been using Computers from 1984, and building them from 1998. So I see this Lanboy case as a gimmick, (is there anyone out there who actually agrees with me on this?).


PS. and no signs of any dust filters Whatsoever...


cheers! :-)



I get by just fine with my Antec 300. The only problem that I have with it: cable management (or the lack thereof).



I really like MaxPC.  I like all the articles you guys do and the way that you are able to keep up with the massive amount of changes in the computer technology landscape.  That being said, I find it surprising that Thermaltake and Silverstone were left out of this lineup.  You have some great competitors, but the real high-dollar rigs are only represented by Lian Li and Corsair.  The new Level 10 GT is going to be a contender in this arena, and it wasn't even mentioned (as it is not at market until mid-February, I of course would not expect to see it being reviewed yet).  Hopefully, we can get some more reviews from these two great names in the industry as well as the ones that you did here.


HUZZAH to NZXT for the win, they are a great company with many innovations and price points!!





i've been researching innovation for decades. i named my company novatv. there's no innovation in cases, these all look ridiculous, but i guess im just not skilled enough to diagnose a computer by looking at the internals and LED arrays


just sayin



The Antec Lanboy Air honestly isn't very good. Bit-Tech did a run through on it's thermals a little while back and it performed piss poorly compared with any other case less than half it's price. The problem with the all mesh siding design is that you can't generate any strong airflow currents. I actually had a buddy who was obsessed with getting one of these cases. Against my advice and having him literally read the bit-tech article in front of me, he got one. Now he has heat issues with his video card and processor and can't OC worth a damn. I hassle him about it ever time we get together and then he punches's still worth the laugh I get.



I'd pick up your top choice if I were in the market for a case.  However, although I'm sure you'd mention noise issues if they were a problem I'd like to see some sort of rating in the specs.  I love my Lian-Li 2000bw but if I had to nit-pick, the open grating on the front does little to block fan noise. 




I still like the silverston ft2



I recently got a NZXT Whisper for my server. Looks like the monolith from 2001. A very spacious full tower, with 9 HD mounts. Picked it up from Newegg for $120.

Because it's going to be housing a server, I will not be using it to house an uber graphics card :(. Definately one of the best cases I have ever gotten.



I have a white NZXT Phantom and it looks totally badass. I love it. The only downfall for me is that some of the stuff isnt as good quality as lets say, a HAF 932. My old Pc had a haf932, and the tooless drive bays where sturdy, as was everything else. The toolless stuff in the Phantom kinda sucks, and after a while both 5.25 and 3.5 bays stared making noises. The paint peels off quiet easier too, but maybe thats bwcause its white and a different paint.



I got a lanboy air over the holidays and I love it. Couple of little things is I wish it would have had 4 instead of 3 5inch bays (while keeping the 2 front fans in place). There could be 4 but that would require taking out one of the front fans. I wish the thumb screws for all the paneling wouldn't come out, i wish they would stay on the side panel when they were unscrewed. Top fan mounts are kind of worthless....can't fit a fan on the inside of the case (on the top) when the mobo is configured for the top. I love the color scheme, and I threw in my blue cathode lights and it looks very neat.  Another complain is I wish you could take out the USB3 passthrough cable since I don't have USB3 (yet) and it just made cable organization a little more difficult.



I picked up a LanBoy Air blue case over the holidays as well.  Great case.  I did run into two problems though.  With a Cooler Master Hyper 212+, I had to pull out one of the side panel fans.  There isn't enough clearance to have the fan in - it hits the top of the CM Hyper 212+.

The second issue I had: the mounting holes for the cpu heatsink on an MSI 890FXA-GD70 mobo don't line up perfectly with the cutout in the motherboard tray.  Hence, I had had to mount the bracket on the motherboard first, then mount the motherboard on the tray, then put it in the case, and finish installing the cpu cooler.

Neither of these are major issues though (for me).  I still love this case.  Being able to move the fans around resolved one of my issues and the other was pretty minor.  Being able to push the DVD drive down to the middle of the drive bay to position a fan in the top front of the case to dump fresh cool air on the RAM was great.  Removing all the panels leaves you with the mounting skeleton, making it very easy to get around the case.

I am going to move the power supply to the top of the case though.  The power supply cable runs are all over the place and I think it will be easier to clean things up with the powersupply at the top.

I don't care for the air mount thing for the 3.5 inch drives.  My single drive is popping a wheeling in the case because the power and data cables weigh down the back just a bit.  I'm going to pick up some 3.5 to 5.25 adapter rails and hard mount the drive to the rails.  Hopefully I can find additional 5.25 mounting rails when the time comes for more drives.


Keith E. Whisman

You left out in your first paragraph about expense of a full tower compared to a mid tower. I bought mid towers not because they were of the perfect size, it was because I could afford better components if I skimped on the case and monitor a little, and in those days towers came with power  supplies that I didn't think twice about using. 



Ignore me.

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