Linux Software Picks: Six Alternatives to Photoshop



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Photoshop has many options that could help you in complicated operations. I agree that most of them can also be done with Linux, but it's not the same. It's like when you buy a regcure software or run a free online app. I tried them both and I could tell that I prefer to buy one.



Paint dot net, when translated to Linux, uses the mono libraries and is  called paint dot mono or mono paint (see this article for more information on installing on Ubuntu, with a reference for installing on Mac OS X).

 The correct Ubuntu command line command is even 'paintdotnet'. 

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Paint.NET is being actively ported to Linux, so you can try it out, though it doesn't create a menu entry yet, and has some bugs.

I would try GNUPaint for a MS Paint replacement, but TuxPaint also has its adherents.

There are also several Image libraries that offer minor retouching/recoloring in them, but GIMP is the current ruler of the roost as far as Linux Image editing goes.

For the more adventurous you could sidle up to imagemagick, hehe 




WTF? They didn't evenmention Paint.NET.... LAME. Out of these GIMP is the best, however, NONE of them even CLOSELY compare to the almighty photoshop, rock on windows.



Evidently you don't have enough brain cells to understand the title - this is about graphics software for Linux., last time I checked, is an application that only runs on Microsoft Windows.  Calling it "LAME" not to include a Windows-only application in an article about Linux apps is more than lame itself, it's just plain stupid.



Some of these Open Source programs are very refined and do an excellent job of editing photos. I recommend trying it out to anybody who is even mildly curious.

By the way, thanks for the article, it was a good one. 




I have yet to find that perfect program. One won't paste a color as transparent. Another brings up a separate dialog box for text. Some won't do a simple pixel by pixel dot. I've even run across some that required you buy a plugin to open and save PNG.
I have tried these programs out on both Linux and Windows, and they fail many of the simple tests I do.
Neo Paint and Paint Shop Pro come close, but are lacking the ease of use.



Get photoshop :P I'm not at liberty to discuss it, but there are free ways out there to get photoshop... just look around :P


GIMP is pretty much the best... "obviously" free program




-- Norm

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