How to Build a Linux Gaming PC



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Exactly.... I'm glad Valve is giving it a nudge but I just looked at the Linux Steam lineup and I must say, if I was limited to those games I'd be pretty miserable. Most titles are old as dirt or are indie "pass the time" type of titles.



" see for ourselves whether the OS, at this time, could be a reasonable alternative to Windows for gaming"


Nice build at $650 but to be honest even the most hardcore Linux user would have to admit that a Linux "gaming rig" is a bit of an oxymoron unless you are okay with the slim pickings for the platform. I mean take the same build and throw in OEM Win 7 or Win 8 and now you add thousands to the game menu.

I have a really hard time seeing this build appealing to almost anyone that is a regular Maximum PC reader as an alternative to a budget PC gaming rig. You are saving the cost of an OEM Win license but at the cost of a "reasonable" gaming selection. Maybe in a few more years.



Yeah and when you can buy Win 7 OEM for $99 (Newegg has even had it for $79 on sale befre) there's really no reason why the cost of Windows should be that much of an issue. If you're building a rig for gaming, you're going to be buying a lot of games in which case that money is chump change.

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