Journey to the Center of the CPU: 15 Gorgeous Closeups of Microprocessors



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Can we say just a little bit bias towards Intel? Why only one AMD?



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Go away you spamming piece of shite.



"It was a hoax pure and simple, but that didn't stop several media outlets from running the story."

I would run it! :P



The colorful lighting of a chip is really due to the extremely fine lines etched into the wafer. I have held a 300 mm Itanium wafer and looking straight down at it is nothing special. Look at it at an oblique angle with the right lighting and soap bubbles come to mind (both are optical interference patterns).
To the naked eye though, each chip on the wafer does not look like these photos. Magnifying glass will only show broad swaths of cache and possibly cores. Not much to look at really. Kinda like galaxies, need BIG optics to really see the splendor.

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