Introducing Intel's Clarkdale Core i5-661



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I think youve made some truly interesting points. Not too many people would actually think about this the way you just did. Im really impressed that theres so much about this subject thats been uncovered and you did it so well, with so much class. Good one you, man! Really great stuff!

burning crusade



Great article, just one small mistake,

The AMD 965 is 3.4GHZ instead of 3.2 (955 is 3.2) 



I don't think the memory bandwidth hit is as much due to managing GPU/CPU memory as it is due to the fact that all the data has to make an extra stop between the CPU and memory compared to the other i5/i7 chips.

The memory performance sits right where I'd expect it to be between the core 2 quads that had a Northbridge between the CPU and DRAM, and the Nehalem designs that have a direct CPU/DRAM connection.



Seriously, are we not over this "integrating graphics on the CPU die" thing yet?  How many complete and utter failures do we need to have before we give up this quixotic quest?

The other bits of functionality you mentioned didn't so much move to the CPU as they moved to software, as the CPU grew able to handle them without the addition of specialized hardware (that last part is key).  This, though, is just completely ridiculous.  You still need to have special graphics hardware; it's just on the CPU now instead of on the north bridge!  And because they had to cram the GPU onto the CPU die, they can't fit in enough transistors, so the graphics are shitty and the CPU is only dual-core!

Speaking of which, you don't really mention what graphics solutions you used for the benchmarking for each platform.  That would be useful information to have.  If it's integrated graphics, tell us what kind.



Very nice article. Thank you!


To whom it might concern: Please change the way table comparison displays the wining item. On Windows 7 with default ClearType settings on LCD display is extremely difficult to see the bold text as it almost the same as the rest. Either add a color or increase the font of the wining item, so it sticks out more.

here is how it looks:

Thank you.



hmmmm ....... for a few years now (give or take 15 min)  it has been almost impossible to actually tell which numbers are bolded, same in the magazine.

there have been many posts from people stating  the obvious...... the bolded numbers just do not stand out.

i just figure for what ever reason the maxx pc staff can not change the way the bolded numbers look.


the good is, i have learned to actually read the whole chart and  compare the numbers, instead of just looking for the blolded ones



 Very nice article! It's really neat to see how chips are advancing. The CPU and GPU on a single chip was the next logical evolutionary step. Now, I wonder what nVidia has to say about this...

I can't wait to see what Fusion has to offer. Hopefully it will be priced/performance in such a way that makes Intel re-evaluate this chip.


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 Very cool job with the intergrated GPU function, 60 fps in CS:S is great, on my core 2 duo with an intergrated GMA I get up to 35 fps, very playable.




Just had to comment how much I enjoyed this article. Deep and thorough without being long.  That home thearter PC I have thought about may finally get built now with the new i5.  I am now excited to see what comes next with i9.

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