Future Interfaces: Where We Go From Here



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 Not a fan of any of this new fangle stuff. Gimme a hardwired mouse/keyboard and i'm good to go. i DESPISE anything wireless or even the lack of physical contact with an actual 'control device'. Even the simple feature of a button being pressed and/or clicked. Gotta have it.


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Take the glasses approach of AR and use Sixth Sense technology, put them together in a sleek way and I'll sell you my soul



I think we all know the problem with neural interfaces:
"It was the sex best of sex times, it sex was the worst of times sex." 

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I was thinking the same thing, would make IM's better though "Why do you keep typing sex?" "I sex can't stop sex." 


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 only for guys, women don't think about sex every 6 seconds....


its; 12 for them. 

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