Inside Makerbot: the Future of 3D Printing?



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First off, the makerbot is a derivative of the RepRap project, not a child.

Second, the picture you have is 2 makerbot cupcakes and a RepRap Darwin. The thingomatic looks just like a cupcake only bigger.

Finally, for the people that are wanting a larger build area and easier assembly the RepRap project has a new model. The Prusa is probably what you want. It has a 20 cm cubed build area, higher quality prints than the makerbot and a complete kit only costs $850, vs the $1250 for the only model makerbot sells now (the thingomatic). Also, to put together the Prusa it only takes about 4 hours.

Something not mentioned in the article is that it can take up to a week to get any DIY 3d printer calibrated for quality prints. The Prusa saves time in assembly that you can put towards your calibration.

Bottom line, there are many options available so don't cut yourself short. If you have questions check out for a link to the IRC chat with many helpful RepRappers.


**I'm not affiliated with any store, my only intention is to provide information for people interested in trying out this amazing hobby.



There are tons of videos of these printing on YT.


Here are a few of my MakerBots: - Printing a Spider in Red Flourescent ABS - two bots printing at once - printing it's own upgrades




DM2011 should get one of these.



Would love to see videos of this in action.  I've been wanting a 3d printer for a while.  Would be great for making model car parts.




They've been doing maker bot videos for a few months now. 



Finally caught up with Will and Norm eh? =P



I remember looking at the RepRap a few months ago. Pretty damn cool what you can do with them. Only thing that stops me from making one of these is price and the size of printable objects, which is a little limited in my opinion.

But they're bound to get better from here, so I'll just have to wait. Looking forward to the day I can print just about any plastic object with the click of a mouse.



This article is full of win.

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